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Few things which would be nice to see in LB/BB


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Been using Launchbox/Bigbox for a while and didn't really know where to post this, but here's a list of a few things off the top of my head that would be nice to see in future updates if possible. 


1. Multi Disc Support (selectable option) where imported games with (Disc 1), (Disc 2) etc. in the name will be labeled as such in the Edit Menu (A new description box would need to be added to the edit menu called Disc Number to keep multi disc games separate). these games would all be kept separate from one another so when consolidating all the games it won't mix multi disc games together as a single game.

2. from what I've seen if the system which is selected in launchbox in the left hand menu isn't visible because the list is to long the games will not update when making changes until I scroll down on the left hand menu to where the selected system is visible on the scroll bar. (hope that makes sense)

3. Add something into launchbox so when importing games the scraper will ignore certain words and not add them to the title, because right now it ignores things which are in parentheses but it would be nice to be able to just type in keywords for the importer to ignore when scraping games. some games also are numbered when downloaded so it would also be nice if you could just say to ignore characters between certain areas. such as ignore first 5 characters or last 5 characters. otherwise we have to rename every game to remove the numbers and words which could just be ignored by the scraper.

4. allow user to set which box art, cart art, etc. should be used in edit menu when there are multiple versions found in the folder. right now the only way is to move the alternate arts out of the main folder because launchbox will pick one to use at random when more than one of a certain type is found.

5. in bixbox would be nice if you could optionally set a default video/image to be displayed when no video or image is available so that at least its not just blank for games with no video or art.

6. when i upload games to be updated in the database there's no option in launchbox for "game type" which is a selectable option in the database. not sure if its supposed to be that way or not but I'm on the most current version of launchbox. 

7. would be nice if settings could be remembered for different themes in bigbox so the views don't get messed up every time the theme is changed. would also be nice if you could set which folders certain themes use for the main menu videos, genre videos etc. because certain themes look better with different types of videos.

8. being able to change Which type of art is being displayed such as having bigbox show 3D box art for themes which by default use 2d box art. this would be a bigbox option which would be separate for each theme, because certain themes (Unified) use 2D box art by default and you have to change it to use 3d box art within launchbox but then that messes it up for all the other themes. just would be nice to have the settings tied to specific themes.

9. Native support for xpadder so certain games/systems will automatically launch xpadder and load a profile attached to that game/system so the process can be done without additional apps.

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