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  1. So just as a recap.... Batch Code To convert Multiple XISO Folder Formatted games (games must be 1 word no spaces) to XISO.isos is: FOR /D %%d in (*) DO extract-xiso -c %%d and then Batch Code from Multiple ISO's or XISO.iso's back to XISO Folder Formatted Games is: FOR %%f in (*.iso) DO extract-xiso "%%f" I've included the 2 batch files as well for anyone to download who needs them. Just put the .bat files and the extract-xiso.exe in the same folder with your games. Thanks for your help! @JoeViking245 Convert All XISO.ISO's to Folder XISO's Bat.batConvert All Folder XISO's to XISO.ISO's Bat.bat
  2. your command works to convert an xiso back into a folder without any errors... extract-xiso "joes_game.iso" So to convert multiple XISO's back into XISO.ISO format this is what worked for the bat file for anyone how needs to know FOR %%f in (*.iso) DO extract-xiso "%%f"
  3. just curious but how would I use the same command on iso's if I wanted to convert the XISO's back to XISO folder format? tried this but it wont work.... FOR %%d in (*.iso) DO extract-xiso -x %%d I used the -x because in the notes for extract-xiso.exe it said -x is to extract and -c is to create, but I've tried with and without -x and it wont work, so figured maybe i was using the wrong code in general to scan through and run commands on .iso files.
  4. @JoeViking245 It worked perfectly! thanks! This simple code can speed things up so much for everyone who's downloaded all the xbox xiso folder formatted games from internet archive. lol At first I thought it wasn't working, but then realized each game needs to be a single word with no spaces, and I think 8 characters or less as well. so after I fixed the folder names it worked smoothly. thanks again!
  5. Awesome thanks! I'll try it when I get home and let you know if it worked. 😁
  6. I've searched everywhere online and seems a lot of people are asking the same question, so would be awesome if anyone can help. I'm trying to convert Xbox folder format games to Xiso's using the extract-xiso tool. Basically the command is... ./extract-xiso -c ./(game folder name) Then an xiso will be created in the same directory for the specified game folder which was is in that same directory. I just need to know how to make a batch file which will run the same command over and over for every game folder that's within the same directory the batch file is in, without having to type the name of each folder manually and run the program a thousand times. Hope that makes sense if not I'll be more than happy to clarify further. Thanks! Also, here's a link to the program I'm needing a batch file for if it helps... https://github.com/XboxDev/extract-xiso
  7. @neil9000 Well as I originally mentioned theres a significant amount of art for super gameboy as well as videos which could be synced from emumovies, which is worth making it its own platform for syncing simplicity alone. Yes it's just an attachment to super nintendo, but the logic for adding it as a platform isn't about weather it's an "actual platform", it's simply to make it easy for people to download and organize their artwork and videos. It would also encourage people to make new art. Can't see the downside to making things easierπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  8. thanks. I already have the Symlinks setup the same way as in the link you sent, so not sure what antimicro is looking for, but ill try to track it down. The games all work fine with or without the symlinks. its just antimicro at this point.
  9. I tried creating a symbolic link for "C64 Dreams" in the root launchbox folder hoping I could have the games load from my NAS server the same way exodos is setup to run from an external network drive/server, but I get this error (Antimicro error: this applications failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows" in ""). aside from the error the games still load and play just fine, but i'd like to fix the error since it happens every time if you have any idea why its popping up. Everything works great if I don't use a symbolic link. Was just trying to save space on the launchbox drive.
  10. After spending tons of time trying to get the 30k c64 romset to be user friendly i came across your "c64 dreams" collection, and I love the work you've put into this. It's really clean compared to the set I had in launchbox already which wasn't very user friendly. Thanks for all the hard work, kuz I can only imagine the time you spent on this. Haven't noticed any bugs so far. Can't wait for your future updates!
  11. Awesome! only thing that could make it better would be to add an option to paste in a specific URL to a chosen Youtube video Also, seems that the plugin downloads the same video regardless of what keywords i use. Seems like its stuck on using the Trailer keyword. Only way i can get it to download something different is to lower the maximum length from 600 to something like 200
  12. Not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else but... After booting up launchbox today from an unassigned disk on my unraid server I noticed it wouldn't boot. then I checked within the launchbox folder and noticed everything had disappeared (All files and most of the folders (over 1tb of data)). I didn't manually delete them and nothing outside of the launchbox folder is missing, so I figured it might be due to a recent update or bug. Luckily I have Launchbox backed up, but figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone's seen anything like this before. Only other thing I cant think of doing differently was during scraping for new videos/images a few nights ago I checked the box to delete duplicate/similar images that already exist, but its weird that would delete all the files.πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ any ideas?
  13. Thank you for testing, but yeah I have the download metadata box checked, am up to date on newest version of LB, and have an active premium subscription. Seems like it's only targeting certain people, and it wasn't something that always happened. Started sometime during version 11 and has continued happening up through the newest version. Only thing I haven't tried yet is deleting windows and starting fresh to see if its something in my windows build.
  14. I'm not trying to spam, I'm trying to reply to multiple peoples posts who've made the same post as I've made in the past, hoping someone has found an answer to this aside from just using emusync. I've made my own posts multiple times with no replies to this issue, so either not many people are experiencing this issue or its just not a main concern of the devs, but people are posting over on the emumovies site about the issue also, but they all just switched to emusync and gave up. Be nice to just see the issue resolved, and I'm willing to help with whatever the devs need weather it be testing or log files.
  15. Same problem, been trying to fix it for months but no luck so far. Tried everything I could think of so far with no luck.πŸ˜“πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  16. I'm having the same problem as you guys. Its been happening on version 11 as well as 12. Downloading media for a single game it can find the video snaps and download them, but when downloading in bulk it will download very few of them if any any videos at all. Most the time in bulk it just does nothing when it gets time for it down download the videos and the downloader exists as if it finished.
  17. I'm having the same problem accept it's been happening on version 11 as well as 12. Downloading media for a single game it can find the video snaps and download them, but when downloading in bulk it will download very few of them if any any videos at all. Most the time in bulk it just does nothing when it gets time for it down download the videos and the downloader exists as if it finished.
  18. I have problems getting the bulk downloader in launchbox to download from emumovies as well. Sometimes it downloads some but not all images/vids and sometimes it just quits after searching as if nothing was found when I know theres Tons of media to download. Hopfully the problem gets corrected eventually
  19. using ver. 11.17 the same problem is still present that I had before where movies being scraped from emumovies in bulk amounts will not download anything (When it does manage to download it still misses a bunch of the games videos for some reason). it will search and then just stop and download nothing after searching. downloading from the launchbox servers works perfectly, its just something with emumovies. is this happening to anyone else? Did even more testing and thought it might just be because the platform was named something like Commodore 64 (Single Disc Games) instead of just Commodore 64, but that wasnt it. I can bulk download from emumovies for platform Nintendo 3DS, but not for Commodore 64 (Single Disc Games), So I renamed Commodore 64 (Single Disc Games) to just Commodore 64. Then i moved Commodore 64 out of the platform categories it was under just to be even safer and it still wouldn't download from emumovies in bulk. So Some systems work and some just wont I dont get it.
  20. No matter how many ways I've tried I just cant get launchbox to download media from emumovies when trying with large amounts of roms at one time. It just searches then says it's done without downloading anything. If I do smaller amounts of roms at a time it works fine. It's been doing this for a while so not sure if everyone's having this problem or just me. Try 1000+ roms at once just to be safe and see if it works kuz mine wont.
  21. Usually if a rom only has a (USA, europe) version I just add it to the USA games. In the case where I already have a seperate (USA) version and then also have a (usa, europe) version I would add the (usa, europe) version to the European games. Not perfect without duplicating but it's what I did.?‍♂️
  22. I agree this would be cool to see implemented as an option for greater immersion. ?
  23. I'd be down to pay for a plugin especially if it required routine updates and served a beneficial purpose not included in launchbox, such as... 1. youtube downloading (current plugin no longer works or is updated), 2, Automatic labeling of disc 1, disc 2 etc for multi disc games to be kept as separate entries in the library 3, movie scraper and trailer downloader, Anyway that's just to name a few. I'm always down for anything that encourages more people to enhance LB and make it more user friendly. Also be nice to see something built into LB where you could update the games database thus encouraging all users to contribute, kuz the current plugin bugs up and isnt updated.
  24. Yeah the import process can be a pain. Doesn't take me 24 hours, but it does take hours sometimes. The finalization process takes a really long time also. Not sure if your pc is slowing you down but your internet is good, so if your importing thousands of games like commodore 64 then 10+ hours is definitely possible.
  25. Importing is slow but no where near that long for a single game even with it being a new platform. Maybe a few minutes tops. If it's an entire system with hundreds of games or even thousands then it could take hours possibly, but 24 hours sounds excessive.
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