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Hey folks, I wanted to hear some opinions of NES game series to look out for that are useless to most adults. I am aware of Fisher Price, Sesame Street, Barbie and the Aerobics Pad games, but are there any others to look out for? There's a lot of fat to burn in the NES, same with Atari 2600, Coleco and Intellivision.

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If you don't want to have full romsets and prefer to only have the cool games for each platform, I'd recommend checking out /v/'s Recommended Games Wiki, They have lists of the best and recommended games for a bunch of systems. You can use those list and then add your favorite games to have a smaller and packed collection.

For Arcade, you might want to check the All Killer, No Filler MAME Gamelists Directory script that removes the garbage clones, non-working and awful games for split sets.

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Thanks. I recently organized my collections to US releases only which makes me super happy, and I like the completeness thereof. Except... the educational, workout, kids games. MAME on the other hand is a colossal mess. I appreciate your reminding me again how to organize this. It will be my project for the weekend.

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The only person here who can possibly know what games you want to keep and what games you don't is YOU.

Speaking personally, I don't like fighting games or RPGs, so I delete them. Should you do the same? That depends on your tastes.

My method is as follows:

  1. Pick a system I want to sort
  2. Import a full rom set, along with HQ gameplay videos from EmuMovies
  3. Go through the entire set one game at a time, and mark as Favorite any game I want to keep
  4. Delete everything else, reset the Favorite tag, and go from there
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