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Greets everyone. So I have tried several emulators, (stand alone and retroarch), and I can get them all to a "fullscreen" even by stretching it, but what I cannot do is get the graphics or picture of what is happening to look normal when stretching it out to fullscreen. I have tried adjusting several different settings with no success. What I am looking for is to have a true fullscreen with normal looking display like back in the day when one purchased a console, hooked it up, and it filled the entire screen with it looking normal without all the content stretched out. If anyone can help me or tell me what I am missing or what needs adjusting, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Oh, I also have watched several tutorials but what they are showing is not giving me the effect I am looking for, like said old school consoles.

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Its pretty much impossible to fit a 4:3 image to fill a 16:9 display without stretching the image

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