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If anyone is like me and is a stickler for having there systems complete artwork wise that is I am creating 3d box art for PopCap games I have a pack of I believe 71 PopCap games and could only find 3d art for only a handful of the games if there is more please lead me in the right direction until then I will continue to create them I know that some will not be the best of quality because lets be honest PopCap games is no Mortal Kombat or Streetfighter where there is a boat load of art for it but I am trying to do my best. here is a few examples of what I have so far Constructive Criticism is welcomed 

Hope I am posting this in the right section Thanks Lilg1983

Amazing Adventures Around The World.png

Alchemy Deluxe.png

Big Money! Deluxe.png

Mystery PI The London Caper.png

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On 6/3/2019 at 12:25 PM, Styphelus said:

Nice! Anyway you can post the 2D art as well?

As soon as I am Finished with all of them I will post the 2d as well as the 3d separate files of course If I can I will also try and create the CD art as well for people who like to see the spinning disc in Big box Thanks for the feedback  

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