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  1. its the CTLR file that I need if anyone wouldn't mind sharing it Thanks
  2. would love a big box version of this, great work, very clean, it goes well with vikings colourful
  3. Good Morning, any update for video snaps for Nintendo Wii?
  4. good morning everyone Anyone out there happen to have MAME lightgun config file for 1 Player I cannot seem to get this to work, I have my xbox controllers set up to always work in MAME but having trouble trying to make my lightgun to work thanks
  5. I can Confirm with good computer from 8 years ago, I can run everything to Wii U and PS3, there is nothing wrong with Launchbox unless Jason or the community has not fixed or upgrading, I keep hearing all these comments like babies, it sounds like your not following instructions or your not very good with organization, I use 2 xbox controllers and it runs smooth as butter for every system I can put on without throttle.
  6. sick my friend, can't wait, your work is truly appreciated, thank you for the teaser
  7. thank you for the response, I am ok with that if you can do it, your theme videos are very clean and go well with the colourful theme by viking, I have your set and it looks great
  8. where do I put the PCXS2-Confiigs-master files thanks figured that out as well, for anyone who wants to know its in the inis folder
  9. anyone help with the image above I figured it out, I was using my MacBook to download and then transferred over to my PC so it had a _ before the file name 😂
  10. IMG_0026.HEIC this is what I get when I load LB I obviously am doing something wrong, my LB is on external HD with portable PCSX2
  11. hello, I just thought I might add this does not work anymore for LB latest release 10.6 LB says error with plugins folder and continues to try and load up and hangs
  12. No response, I assume this thread is dead for more possible playlist videos?
  13. also 19xx and kirby please please please
  14. thank you very much for this great collection, can I make a request for a UFC silver Ring clear logo? Cheers
  15. this is too awesome, I never knew this was here, can we make requests? If so, here is few in list: Bubble Bobble Dig Dug Donkey Kong Double Dragon Looney Tunes Metal Slug Pokemon Thank you
  16. great question, I would like to know the same thing
  17. ok I have one last request for silver ring clear logos, I have nested a lot of games due to clean feel in launchbox, but I am missing these logos for BigBox If anyone has the time I would deeply appreciate it. Here is the list: Sega Consoles Sony Consoles Atari Consoles NEC Consoles Nintendo Consoles SNK Neo Geo Handhelds Sony Handhelds Bandai Handhelds Nintendo Handdhelds Thanks
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