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  1. Thx Zombeaver for the Answer, I have put the C64 Dreams Folder in my ROMs folder & import only the .vbs Files in my Launchbox. Select no Emulator & it works :). Thx Man
  2. Hello, First thx for this work. I have one Question. Can i only import the Games Folder in an existing Launchbox Setup ? Can i copy die Games Folder in another Place -> not in Launchbox Folder ? CU
  3. Hello, Is this Project alive ? CU
  4. Hi, I love your work, is there any Update for more 3D-Boxes -> RingWide & RingEdge ?? CU
  5. First thanks for the Work. I have some Question. Must C64 Dreams copy in the Main Folder of Launchbox ? Can i copy C64 Dreams do another Path ( where my Roms located ) ? My Retroarch is also in another Path ! How can i handle this ? Sry for my bad English CU
  6. I know this is for Background i mean VideoBorder This one
  7. I don´t find it i only have Platform Video This is at Main Menu & this is in Game & Watch Menu
  8. Hello, Anyone have VideoBorder for Game & Watch ? CU
  9. Thx Lord, This was not the Problem. I found my Problem, oh my god i must use my brain I have all my Games from Europe & i must use tos206de.img & now it runs Thx for your help Next is Mattel Intellivison is it only run with Mess ? i don´t use it. CU
  10. Can you send my your capsimg.dll File ? What tos.img do you use ?
  11. Hi Lord, This is my Folder from Hatari, have all Setup done, nothing happens only become this screen
  12. So i have test it yesterday & no chance. Have Hatari 2.1.0 & the .dll File. When i launch a Game he starts Hatari and nothing happens. Have only Start Screen Any Idea ?
  13. Ok thx Lordmonkus, What Version of the capsimg.dll must i download & where do i put it in ? CU
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