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  1. First thanks for the Work. I have some Question. Must C64 Dreams copy in the Main Folder of Launchbox ? Can i copy C64 Dreams do another Path ( where my Roms located ) ? My Retroarch is also in another Path ! How can i handle this ? Sry for my bad English CU
  2. I know this is for Background i mean VideoBorder This one
  3. I don´t find it i only have Platform Video This is at Main Menu & this is in Game & Watch Menu
  4. Hello, Anyone have VideoBorder for Game & Watch ? CU
  5. Thx Lord, This was not the Problem. I found my Problem, oh my god i must use my brain I have all my Games from Europe & i must use tos206de.img & now it runs Thx for your help Next is Mattel Intellivison is it only run with Mess ? i don´t use it. CU
  6. Can you send my your capsimg.dll File ? What tos.img do you use ?
  7. Hi Lord, This is my Folder from Hatari, have all Setup done, nothing happens only become this screen
  8. So i have test it yesterday & no chance. Have Hatari 2.1.0 & the .dll File. When i launch a Game he starts Hatari and nothing happens. Have only Start Screen Any Idea ?
  9. Ok thx Lordmonkus, What Version of the capsimg.dll must i download & where do i put it in ? CU
  10. Impact_Thomas

    Atari ST

    Hello, I have a problem with Atari ST Emulation. Have the newest Version of Hatari. Tos.img etc. all done My Roms are all in .ipf But no Rom will Start This says Hatari What Version must i load ? CU
  11. I have Version 0.7 of Demul. Try this Thx for the Covers
  12. Check this - Demul Config - right Path ?
  13. Hi Guys, I have the Same Question as kiddanplay, I will also build a Cabinet with these Settings. Is it possible ? Can you give me Links for Buttons etc. What i need for this ? See you
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