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Big Box multiple platform videos; MAME-named console games not scraping ...

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Two quick questions:

Can Big Box shuffle two or more platform videos for each platform? I'd like to, for example, have one of several Atari 2600 commercials play at random each time I go to that platform. I was also hoping to have a random start-up video play every time I launch Big Box, just to keep it interesting, if that's possible. 

Also, I'm using MAME for many of the older consoles (it works best with my Rec Room Masters arcade controller, among other reasons).  But LaunchBox/Big Box doesn't do so well when scraping the shortened ROM names that MAME recognizes. Out of 180 ColecoVision roms, including homebrews and a few hacks, only 60 were scraped, so it missed dozens of the official releases; however, when I scraped a no-intro set, almost all of them showed up.

Is there a way around this -- other than scanning a no-intro set for the artwork, and then tediously editing each game's rom link to the MAME rom file? Or, using Retroarch or another console-specific emulator?

Thanks in advance!


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1) No.

Random startup videos are possible. Just put all the videos you want randomised in the Launchbox/Videos/startup folder.

2) Those are MAME software list roms, not standard MAME arcade roms. They are not currently supported, but may be coming.


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Posted (edited)

 I really like the idea of playing a random commercial on the platform screen as well is there  a way to automatically run a batch file when big box loads?   Perhaps I could have a batch file rename a random video in the directory to that platforms playing video filename 

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