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Launchbox not applying shaders to mupen64plus-next


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I have launchbox running swimmingly for 99.9% of what I need with Retroarch as my emulator. I'm using the Vulkan driver for all of my cores except for Mupen64 which I have saved a custom config for. I load this config through the custom command line parameters in launchbox and it boots right up, so no issues there.

The problem I am having is that launchbox is not applying my saved shaders to my mupen64 core (all other cores work fine). When I launch directly through Retroarch, my shaders saved per core run fine so I'm confident that my emulator is set up properly. What is also interesting is that when I load the core through launchbox and then navigate to the Retroarach shaders menu, shaders are "on" and the preset I have saved is listed at the bottom, but I have to select "apply changes" to get them to appear. This only takes a few seconds so its not a big deal in the long run, but I'd like to automate as much of this as possible. Any help or advice is appreciated. If you need more information please let me know!


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23 minutes ago, Minja87 said:

Fantastic that the team is aware of this and working on it. 

If I grab a nightly build and manually update, should I expect it to keep my core settings/directories intact?

I use this to update retroarch and my cores.


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