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Please, I need some help with Xbox one controller setup


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Hi guys, so a few days ago I built a windows 10 system just for big box,

ryzen2700 / rtx 2070 / 32gb ram / 8tb of ssd storage

I bought the 8bitdo bluetooth usb dongle, and follow all the steps, but with the xbox one controller the strange thing is for example with PCSX2 it works right out of the box with no configuration needed. BUT EPSXE on the other hand doesn't even recognize the controller, neither does retroarch.

Ive spent hours last night looking for a solution but no game.

maybe you guys know what I am doing wrong?


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The 8bitdo bluetooth dongles are not standard bluetooth dongles, they are designed to allow you to use controllers on other systems. For example to allow you to use a XBOX one controller on a switch, or a PS4 controller on a XBOX, etc. So it has additional hardware in it to do some format conversion to make non compatible controllers work on systems they are not designed for. So my guess is it is interfering and changing the format/protocol the controller is detected as, so it is not recognized as a standard XBOX one controller in those emulators.

If its a XBOX one controller with bluetooth then i would just use a standard bluetooth dongle, not a dongle that is adding additional conversion (and probably additional input lag). If it's the older type of XBOX one controller without bluetooth, which is what i have you will need a official dongle for it, which works great and is lower latency than bluetooth. In fact id recommend the dongle outright cause of the lower latency compared to bluetooth, but thats up to you.

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