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Images Required for Default Big Box


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I apologize of this has been covered.  I've searched everywhere for my answers and usually find what I'm looking for, hence the low post count.  This community is amazing.

I'm just wondering what the minimum media is for using the default Big Box with default settings.  I don't want unnecessary media chewing space on a custom build I am doing on a laptop.  Can someone please let me know?

Love this app and thanks to everyone for all the great information here and the developers for tirelessly updating this wonderful front end.


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The beauty of Launchbox and Big Box is it's entirely up to you in terms of media, you can remove or add media as you please so there aren't any standards in global size, if you want to minimize it you can. Not using video's but only screenshots for example is a good start but also removing games you might not play will minimize the media scraped for it.

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41 minutes ago, Vassago said:

But without changing anything, are there specific media that are designed to show for big box default skin?

I don't understand your question completely, do you mean if the default Big Box theme uses any images itself? The default theme is around 500kb large. CriticalZoneV2 *also included with Big Box* is around 9mb large.

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20 hours ago, Vassago said:

But without changing anything, are there specific media that are designed to show for big box default skin?

The default theme (as well as other themes) depending on the view you use will show anything from box images (flat or 3d) to gameplay images as well as platform and game videos. Each view is designed to show a certain type of image/video. However, you can alter this as in Launchbox certain image types have a priority you can set. 

For example lets say a certain view in a theme is designed to use 3D box images and you do not want them. In Launchbox settings under the image priorities you can change it so anytime a screen needs to show a 3D box image you can have it show the normal flat image by checking Box-front and moving it to the top. You can leave 3D box checked and have it as a backup or uncheck it so it will not show. It many ways it is up to you what media you want. Launchbox can be fine tuned up to a point to allow you not to need as much media as is available. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 12.19.22 PM.png

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