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Simple Detailed Startup

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Hello all, here is my first contribution to this community. I have enjoyed so many countless hours of fun as a result of Launchbox and everyone here and I have always wanted to give back so here you go. I made this originally after being inspired by @Palada. He made a Beautiful startup theme to go with my new favorite BigBox theme by @viking, called Colorful. At first I just wanted to add more platforms but you know how it goes. I went a little crazy. Anyway I hope you all like and enjoy this theme.


  1. Simple-Detailed-Startup-ml.zip - This one Uses Platform Logos from a folder in this theme that were made by ME.
  2. Simple-Detailed-Startup-yl.zip - This one uses Platform Logos that were set up by YOU in Launchbox.

I am using assets from both @Palada and @viking  and of course all over this community. Please give credit to both for making this possible. Once i got going though I ended up with very little that I did not make on my own. I am not sure of the proper way to give credit, but if anyone has an issue with anything I have posted, let me know and I will take it down immediately.

This was designed for a 1080p big screen TV. That is where my set up is and all my kids play on it. I tried this on my laptop and it all looked good but if you have any issues with layout or other please let me know. I will do my best to fix it.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your Launchbox image priorities are set or no images will appear and the theme will look boring. I recommend setting:

  • Background Priorities to: Fanart-Background and Screenshot-Gameplay in that order
  • Screenshot Priorities to : Screenshot-Gameplay and then what ever you want after that.

What Is It?

  • OK, this is a startup and shutdown theme that is unique for every platform. It includes a controller silhouette, game art game details on startup plus it has an animated GIF loading icon as well as a GIF closing icon.
  • Every platform has its logo displayed. I had to make all of these so that they would fit. This means that some may be missing, but there is currently 77 platform logos and I plan to add more as time goes on.
  • The controller silhouettes are also all custom and may be missing a few but it has 77 currently as well. (some are the same for multiple platforms)
  • It also has a favorite icon in the bottom right corner that will be red if your game is Favorited.

How to use it:

  • This is my first upload, but you should be able to unzip it to your Launchbox Startup Themes Directory and Then select it from within BigBox.
  • Please make sure that all of the *.xaml files in the root of this addon match EXACTLY to your platform names or they will not work. FIXED

If you have any requests or problems please drop me a comment, I will do my best to stay on top of it.

I hope I am not forgetting anything, Please enjoy and thank you all for the many years of fun. Keep on Gaming!


PS: I have also made a Pause Theme to match and complete the whole setup. (this is a remake of PausePie by @faeran)


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