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Launchbox crashes at initialize and then...


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Hey everyone!

I need some help. I have had Launchbox on a portable hard drive since march and it was working great! Then one day it stopped working like it would act like it's starting in process manager then just disappear. So I left it for a while frustrated. Didn't want to have to redo EVERYTHING I had everything from NES to Dreamcast all setup nice and how I wanted. Then today I thought I'll give it another go and same thing so I tried updating from the backup folder and this time it would start initializing then crash and disappear. So I poked around on google and here and deleted the one sync file and VLC and still same thing. I did a fresh install onto my desktop and then copied over the images, backup, metadata, and data folders and now got it to start but nothing I had is in there. Even the Welcome to launchbox shows up. What can I do? is this possible to save? I kept all my emus/roms/games in separate folders from launchbox and had them all configured nicely until this all happened. I really don't want to have to re set everything up. It took days upon days after work for weeks. I hope someone can help me


Thanks for taking the time!

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23 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

sounds like you have LB set to run as administrator


Now, when I don't it stops after initializing for a second. Gets about an 8th through the bar. the closes and disappears from taskmanager. Just tried it as admin and it does the same thing. Starts to initialize then doesn't.


image.thumb.png.93b489ba16c5291b4ad318bb6d1423f8.pnggets there then stops. it also does it after updating to 10.6

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Just now, DOS76 said:

I wasn't saying to run it as admin I was saying your error looked like it was having permission issues so I thought maybe you had set it to run as admin in the past

I figured it wouldn't hurt to try so I tried it all ways I could just to be thorough. all get to the same spot or just not even starting to initialize. :( In this situation... if I were to copy to another drive for giggles. What files are needed so all my stuff like playlists, rompaths, all the stuff I manually did in emulator set up carries over?

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On 2/11/2019 at 18:41, KoopaTroopaZ said:

Ahora, cuando no lo hago, se detiene después de inicializar por un segundo. Obtiene aproximadamente un octavo a través de la barra. el cierra y desaparece del administrador de tareas. Solo lo probé como administrador y hace lo mismo. Comienza a inicializar y luego no.


image.thumb.png.93b489ba16c5291b4ad318bb6d1423f8.pngllega allí y luego se detiene. también lo hace después de actualizar a 10.6

tengo el mismo problema pero solo con la vercion 10.6


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