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Issue with mame_libretro core. Blurry initializing


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4 hours ago, XmemphistoX said:

A few games when launching from launchbox gives me a blurry "initializing" screen.  Followed by a retroarch crash.   If I launch retroarch, load the mame_libretro core and launch the same game manually, it works.  Anyone run into this?


Mame 2.JPG

I've had the same issue before as well and this most often means you need the bios for the roms you want to play. for example, if you want to play street fighter alpha 2, you need the qsound.zip (bios) in retroarch's "system" sub-folder. Or, the mame rom you have isn't the correct set


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12 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

If the game is working through RA on its own but not through LB i'm not sure what would cause that other than maybe a video driver in RA incompatibility with a shader or something.

The blurriness is just a side effect of the Mame initializing UI element not playing nicely with the RA resolution.

Thanks,  not sure what it is.  Is there some sort of safe mode flag for RA?  Let me see if I can add that

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22 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

I just always recommend using stand alone Mame over the RA core, the only Mame core in RA I use is the 2003 Plus one since it has some nice little features like 4 joystick emulation which makes games like Pac-Man a little better to control on an 8 way joystick and it supports netplay.

Haha thanks I think I will.  Just delaying out of pure laziness of setting up controls

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  • 5 months later...

Some MAME roms require CHD files and for some reason mame_libretro hangs if its missing those files.  I've also found that some games for whatever reason hang on start even though there is no chd, in which I just set the emulator to MAME and it works fine.  CHD files can be found on planetemu.net for specific rom files.  Put them in a sub directory in the same folder as the rom zip file with usually the same rom name and should work fine in RA or MAME. 

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