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How to add ScummVm games


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Scummvm for android is tricky...now I havent tried launchbox yet but I know android and pretty much how to emulate everything on android...now because many different games have similar named files all games will be in subfolders....inside the game folder will be all the game files for that particular game....what u need to do is make a blank text file ...open the text file and write down the name of the official scummvm shortname it has....I then save the text file the same name as the folder...and for extension it must be .scummvm...so for example for monkey island my folder is named monkey and the scummvm txt file in the folder is named monkey.scummvm...now natively android cannot read within subfolders to launch games like a pc can....so the trick is the database or XML or whatever is used to recognize the game for launchbox each game needs to be done like this example...again monkey is the example....game name=monkey/monkey....if written like this android will look in the folder monkey then look for a file named monkey...and as long as u have rom ext (.scummvm) it will launch with no issues....now the reason why I name the .scummvm file the same as the folder it goes in, is because in notepad++ there is a command that search for anything in the "" and doubles it automatically the way android needs it 2 be...

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