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  1. Damn I can tell massive work was put into this....out of curiosity whether on launchbox,hyperspin, or emumovies, are there any decent sets of previews and logos for this Japanese set?
  2. Do u have a psd file by any chance in case if I want to add other games?....
  3. If it's ok to ask, are u using the gameplay snaps from emumovies fir these boxes to match??? ..I tried using the emumovies app to download matching wheels and videos but the wheels came out a blue generic type and almost no videos for these boxes...thanks for any answers or replies in advance 🙂
  4. sanchezmike01


    To enable logs u gotta find in the menu where it says show advanced settings...then logs and enable it...
  5. Scummvm for android is tricky...now I havent tried launchbox yet but I know android and pretty much how to emulate everything on android...now because many different games have similar named files all games will be in subfolders....inside the game folder will be all the game files for that particular game....what u need to do is make a blank text file ...open the text file and write down the name of the official scummvm shortname it has....I then save the text file the same name as the folder...and for extension it must be .scummvm...so for example for monkey island my folder is named monkey a
  6. Bitcorp gamate is an old handheld system emulated in mame/mess...very little artwork for it tbh
  7. Hello buddy...do u have a psd file to make these boxes or can u add blade runner...thank u
  8. Btw I fully read what u wrote and it was for remaps with controllers...in that case u could also contact the retroarch ppl to make more auto configs for these controllers...they are cool ppl and usually listen to retroarch users
  9. When I said batch files to make configs for android to be more specific, windows reads retroarch like this example/example/example...on android it will be the opposite like this example\example\example....so basically u make 1 config via in retroarch...then go on windows and us that same info to make the batch file...then either in the same batch file or separate batch or python file u use to make sure all the game names are in the file and each file named the same as the game...sounds confusing as hell but I can help or show u what I mean...
  10. What do u mean by u want different configs for each core?...retroarch already allows for that and they will be located in the configs folder inside the core name folder...this is where option files and game and core configs are located....android reads text files differently than windows so the only way to mass produce configs for individual games will be via batch files...with batch files u can make per game configs or option files for things like per game bezels and per game settings....when that game gets loaded up , those overrides will automatically take effect....I been working wi
  11. When I get home I can give u the name of a bulk rename editor...u rename then all in seconds ...its a free app for the pc
  12. Ur work is crazy good bro....if you ever have time while u doing a logo for someone can u try 2 record it ...I'd love to learn how to do this...thanks bro
  13. If u use hyperspin rom manager app, that will rename most of the boxart...all u need is a good official hyperspin mame XML, content folder (basically the folder that holds the boxart) and destination folder...once u do a scan , u can go 1by1 to make sure its correct and untick any that is mismatched...others will still need manual renaming but way better than 1by1 renaming
  14. On a side note....it will be possible to change mame box names with a hyperspin tool...its not 100% perfect but I ran a quick test and many were renamed correctly....some will need to still be renamed by ticking a box with the corresponding boxart name to match the rom description ..ti be 100% will take time but not as much as doing it 1 by 1
  15. I definitely will.....right now I'm editing wonderswan color 2d images to use ur action script ...basically will cut the top part of original 2d art to remove the swancrystal/wonderswan logo part ....and changed the color of your boxart png template from black to white....not official but I like all boxart facing the same way...the 3d boxart available everywhere is nice but facing the opposite direction and a bit angled
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