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Launchbox refuses to change image.


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Hello beautiful people.

Occasionally i stumble upon an issue where Launchbox will simply not let me change the image of a game and stubbornly maintains the pre-image no matter how many times i remove the others to manually choose the one of my choice (And it drives me bonkers after a while), Is there any specific way i can force it through or am i doing it the wrong way??.

The exact issue that i'm having is 2 instances of the nes rom "Indiana jones and the last crusade" one is from Taito and the other is from Ubisoft, They are 2 different games but launchbox wants them to be the same.

I just downloaded som nice 3d box images from Emu-movies and in there, There are 2 different images for the game. I removed all the images and tried to add my own countless of times now BUT NO!!! Launchbox keeps resetting them, And now i can't for some reason not find the cover i tried to use anymore??? (Can launchbox delete images)

? I know this is a very minor issue, But i'm the perfectionist type and everything has to be spot on (All my games are play-tested).


Thank's for taking the time to help me out with my  never-ending issues.




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I solved it finally!!!.


Had to re-import the rom without selecting any meta-data at all, But somehow Launchbox still managed to find the same number of images for it )But i did not select any??).

After manually removing all of them and add my own 5 times, I finally got my will.


You stubborn Launchbox ?


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