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Android APK on Firestick/Fire TV


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Using an OTG setup with a flash drive for roms does not work with the LB Android APK. Parsing of roms gives a message saying that the SD card and internal storage have no roms to scan. If you try to manually add roms the LB browser cannot find the external storage. 

I exported my romset from Windows version and put on a flash drive when I attempted this. The program loads fine on Firestick and it can scan internally saved roms just fine, but with the small space on these Amazon machines, the ideal way would be to parse games off of a flash drive. Unless I did something wrong with regard to how I installed LB's APK or exported my roms from W10, it appears that the program is limited to just using internal or SD storage. If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it, if not I think I just have to wait for an update to LB on Android. Either way, it is a marvelous program and I am super thankful for the devs. Proud to have donated for Big Box!

Sidenote...I installed LB APK onto the Firestick via Total Commander file manager app off of a USB flash drive.

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36 minutes ago, deathr0w said:

I'm trying to work out how to get the apk I have purchased LB for android when it was in beta so got in very quick and really want it on my firestick

There is no available APK. You can use a app to transfer it from another device, but that device will also need to be 32bit as that is what the fire sticks are.

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Process of connecting USB flash storage device to your android phone:
  1. First connect USB OTG cable into your Android phone.
  2. And then connect USB flash storage device to female connector of OTG cable.
  3. And the last thing is, file explorer on your phone should automatically pop up.
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