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  1. Can confirm that this fix works. I was having the issues and as soon as I went looking for the problem on the forums here, I found this thread, killed Nahimic, and I am no longer having this annoying glitch when I go into options or anywhere in Big Box. You all rule! Thank you!
  2. Attempting to do something similar Johnny. I want to copy about half of the gigantic main build I have on one machine to another with less room. Did you just copy over the specific folders you identified and launched on the new machine? What did you do about data being read for platforms you didn’t want to copy over? That’s my main issue and concern. Example: I want to move NES to the new machine but not Dreamcast...what do I do when the xml data for Dreamcast is read on the new machine?
  3. Checking in to see if you ever figured this out? Launching my No Mercy mods from LB would be a dream come true. These music hacks make it seem tricky but hopefully there is a way!
  4. Whammy! Worked like a charm. So happy this worked fairly easily thanks to the incredible support of this community! On to the next step in my Arcade adventure! Thank you so much!
  5. I watched my main man ETA Prime's tutorials and for the life of me I cannot get the Bezel Project to work with my no-intro MAME set via the 2003-plus core. I know my naming conventions are correct, but fear this is a folder placement issue. Do these roms need to be somewhere specific? Do I need to move the bezels to a different folder than the one created by the Bezel Project? Help a noob out!
  6. Using an OTG setup with a flash drive for roms does not work with the LB Android APK. Parsing of roms gives a message saying that the SD card and internal storage have no roms to scan. If you try to manually add roms the LB browser cannot find the external storage. I exported my romset from Windows version and put on a flash drive when I attempted this. The program loads fine on Firestick and it can scan internally saved roms just fine, but with the small space on these Amazon machines, the ideal way would be to parse games off of a flash drive. Unless I did something wrong with regard to how I installed LB's APK or exported my roms from W10, it appears that the program is limited to just using internal or SD storage. If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it, if not I think I just have to wait for an update to LB on Android. Either way, it is a marvelous program and I am super thankful for the devs. Proud to have donated for Big Box! Sidenote...I installed LB APK onto the Firestick via Total Commander file manager app off of a USB flash drive.
  7. I have it running on Firestick and it opens up and I can navigate fine, but the import does not work. It will only read internal storage and not the flash I exported my roms to. Kind of useless since the Firestick has virtual no room for all my roms. Retroarch reads my flash drive but the LB app does not. Could this be something that gets fixed in a future update?
  8. Seems to have the same issue with Firestick. Trying to import via USB drive to my OTG setup but it is only reading internal storage drive and it is only giving me one location to import from on the manual option.
  9. I have everything working with my controller except Behind Enemy Lines. DemulShooter rules, but BEL is being a pain with zero movement of the actual big yellow crosshair, no firing missiles, and only allowing firing to be programmed to my Xbox 1's RB button. Anyone have any ideas?
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