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  1. I'm trying to work out how to get the apk I have purchased LB for android when it was in beta so got in very quick and really want it on my firestick
  2. @Jason Carr Just purchased this bad boy for my Shield TV now If i want it on my mobile I have to purchase it again right and choose the phone device ?
  3. So how far off is this bad boy from being released ?
  4. Thanks guys it had been some time since i had BB/LB so remembering where to find certain things in this old head can be hard lol
  5. I've just added LB/BB on my bartop and I can't remember how to auto start a game in BB allowing me to skip that screen where I have to click Play or Add to playlist I just want to get into the game instant any ideas folks ?
  6. I have to admit Launchbox/Bigbox have gone so far since day 1 I love the hard work you do Jason keep it up
  7. Just saw the Email that guy is an idiot he is selling pirated drives full of stuff is he that blind and I'm sure Sony, Nintendo, and other companies are very well aware and were looking at ways to take the dirt bag down and yes PayPal will lock his account just like that for illegal practices they don't mess around with keyboard warriors like Chris Shawshank cry me a river lol.
  8. I recently moved my entire rom sets to another location on my local drive and now under the LB/BB games dir I'm looking for an easy way to change the location within LB/BB because it doesn't know I moved the files and I don't want to edit each XML file and change each game like that now is anyone going to make something so I can at least do one platform by being able to change a master location for example. (Original location that is locked in LB/BB) D:\games\roms\mame change to (new location I want changed to) D:\Program Files (x86)\LaunchBox\Games\mame I hope I posted this in the right area of the forums
  9. For me this is really annoying having to go through hoops just to start my game what I would like is to be able to click on the game name and it just fires that game up instead of having to go to another screen in the selection process. I have added to screenshots named Screen01 and Screen02 these show what i'm trying to do I want to have screen 1 and click on the game name and it loads it without having to go to screen 2 at all because for me I already know what I want to do and that is to load that game that I have already chosen to play.
  10. cool videos I would have used the Ocean loader music/chiptune on the c64 one
  11. I put mine in this path D:\Program Files (x86)\LaunchBox\Videos\Platforms
  12. So far so good just installed the update.
  13. Same thing is going on with me also I'm using list view also booted in Bigbox and it would just hang it's pretty much the same issue both just hang.
  14. Hey Jason i'm just wondering is it possible that when something is entered into the change log it has a date beside each change because sometimes I have no clue on what has changed or been fixed with each build even though you do list all changes but just under the main version number.
  15. I have been into Piracy since the 80s, But growing older there was a time when you see buying certain things pays off in the end and this is why I purchased Big Box I fully support a great product and it has very open dev work and what Jason does is amazing I stand by his work and everyone else who works on this project. Still to this day I still run my BBS system that has been part of the best underground groups in the world but when it's only $20 why would you steal it from someone such as Jason Carr.
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