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Joy2Key or RocketLauncher Needed anymore?


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You could use a keymapper for any emulator that doesn't support a controller, or if you want to get more fancy/complicated with your controller bindings. For instance, I use Rewasd for some DOS games, and I also have a "Desktop" profile on it so I can use the controller to start up BigBox etc. But at this point, and especially with Retroarch covering so many systems, keymappers are becoming much less needed.

Rocketlauncher won't provide much extra functionality either. I stopped using it a while ago. At this point it's really just for people who want extreme customization on stuff like fades, bezels and the Pause menu, or if you ever find yourself wanting to put a bezel/overlay on an emulator that doesn't support it natively.

I were building for the first time, I wouldn't anticipate any needs from either, and if I ran into something obscure I wanted to do with the controller or with some art, I might look to see if a keymapper or rocketlauncher could do it at that point, but that's pretty much it.    

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