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Help... I'm a dumb dumb!


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I managed to get Gamecube functioning on Launchbox / Big Box with the Dolphin standalone emulator, however, when I try and launch any Nintendo 64 game it does nothing,... I tried Mupen on RetroArch and it look as if it was going to start to populate from the bottom on the taskbar but it looked like it just immediately shut down... Also would like some potential help with emulating Dreamcast, Sega Saturn / Sega CD if anyone has the time of day?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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mupen64plus_next_libretro thats the core i have for N64 retroArch had no problems with it roms are .n64 do u have rocketlaucher as well in your set up sega saturn i have mednafen_saturn_libretro roms are bin cue in there own folders not ziped i never got around to asking if u can zip files and launchbox unpacks them like rocketlaucher does i dont bother with laucher any more was drving me mad with all extra stuff u had to do redream.x86_64-windows for dreamcast 

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10 minutes ago, sinistron said:

I tried mupen64plus in regards to Nintendo 64 and just noticed my rom files are .z64 and .v64 extentions.  Would that be the problem?

It should not. The core supports both. How do you have it set up. Can you go to >Tools>Manage Emulators in Launchbox and edit Retroarch. Share a pic of the first tab and the Associated Platform. Be sure in the Associated Platform tab we can see the section for N64.

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