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  1. Hey there, I noticed Launchbox by default offers ScummVM 2.0.0 included. Any plans on updating it to the newest release version of 2.1.2? Main reason of asking is that this seems to support adding new games I wasn't able to before and there is some bug fixes associated to it. Just curious! @Jason Carr Thanks!
  2. Just switched my games from one drive to another and now not working. Yes, I was aware of the execution problem hence why I already changed my .bat files to the appropriate destination. I feel dumb, am I missing some form of execution file or so I have to do something in ScummVM? DURRRRRRR
  3. Good times.. (Not Really.) I've downloaded the BIOs files i've needed for mednafen cores but when I try to launch rom, nothing happens, not even an error. Any ideas?
  4. WOW. Finally it is working. 🥵
  5. I am getting the Amiga CD32 load screen with same error btw..
  6. So I ran into the Kickstarter Bios files and put them into my system directory and the issue is still persistent... thoughts?
  7. Thanks will do my best to find it! Those suckers seem to be hard to find...
  8. Hey everyone, So, I'm using the UAE core for Amiga in Retroarch and I am trying to execute games but it is advising me I am missing a "kick40060.CD32.ext" file. Any idea on how I can rectify this? If it has something to do with a BIOS I am missing... could someone possibly point me into the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Sad to here. Hopefully things will change in the future in regards to the restrictions! !
  10. Hey @Jason Carr, Yes it occurred at the end of the process. sinsitron.
  11. Hey @Jason Carr It crashed after downloading all of the metadata etc again. Did not get a crash error, program just stopped responding and forced me to close it. I just wanted to advise that I do have a very large collection as well (Approximately 14000 roms). So I'm unsure if that would be taken into account that it is crashing like that with all of the information it would've scrapped. sinistron.
  12. Is anyone else experiencing the moderation section down under the GamesDB?
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