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Correct parameters to use with VCC?


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I am trying to emulate the TRS-80 Color Computer. After a long search I found an emulator that worked on my 64-bit version of Windows, VCC. Now I wanna use this emulator with Launchbox but when I add the emulator and try to launch a game it just opens the program where I then have to manually select the cassette from my drive. This is quite annoying so I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. Be it the correct parameters to use with VCC or another emulator for the TRS-80 that works with Launchbox.

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In order for an emuluator to work properly and launch a game directly via LB/BB, the emulator must allow command line functionality.  From what I've seen VCC does not appear to allow any command line functionality, and it's all driven by its GUI. The only emulator I'm aware of that might work, and does support command line functionality, is MAME/MESS.  However, I believe it's not straight forward to setup MAME to work with Color Computer roms.  I would say do some google searches on how to setup CoCo emulation in Mame (or any of it's variants such as MAMEUI, which might be easier to setup due to it's more intuitive inferface).  Good luck, the CoCo emulation scene is not very strong, but the emulators that do exist do a fairly good job of emulating the real hardware... just not great when it comes to integrating with a frontend like LB/BB that is :(

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I've never really bothered a whole lot with the Colour Computer in MAME, but it's setup is standard: the bios is coco.zip and the default parameters are coco -cart

Also, I did find that a number of games, Arkanoid comes to mind, which produced screen garbage using the parent machine worked ok when using a clone, such as the Colour Computer 2 or 3. I do remember that the Colour Computer 3 gave Arkanoid much nicer graphics than the Colour Computer 2 did, whereas the parent machine just showed garbage.
There's quite a few clones out there to experiment with, as no one machine may be the best for all games.

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