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Retroarch Garbled Font


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Hey everyone, I'm having some issues with RetroArch when launched through LaunchBox, the font is garbled and unreadable. Everything looks fine if I launch RetroArch standalone, but this is a huge hassle for configuring games as I'm playing them and I'd like to get this figured out.

Clues: the issue happened when I started syncing my folder between two different computers. The install started its life on my media center which has a 4K screen. I then synced the folder contents with Syncthing (if it matters) to my desktop computer that only runs at 1080. I'm guessing there's something in some configuration file that's gone sideways, but I've done a lot of customizing and am not eager to throw everything out and go back to scratch if I can help it. Any good ideas of where to begin looking? Like I said, it's only when launched through LaunchBox but it happens for all platforms (NES, SNES, PSX, etc).



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This is above my head but I do have two ideas I'd try if I were you:

1: Backup the main retroarch config on the 1080 install, save it to the desktop or something, and then delete it from the retroarch folder and relaunch retroarch, which will create a new retroarch.cfg. You shouldn't have all that many settings on the main config since per core per game settings are saved separately. Worth a shot.

2: Save your config folders etc. to a different place and then do a reinstall of retroarch on 1080. Start adding stuff back in until it breaks.

I would have thought retroarch would look for the resolution every time it started rather than storing it in a config though. This is a weird issue. :D


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Just something else to consider. Every time I have had a garbled font issue related to RetroArch, the root cause seemed to be related to a video driver. Make sure you have the latest driver for your video card installed. You might also try changing the Retroarch video option to something else that is supported for the cores you are running (GL, Vulcan, DX, etc.)


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Thanks, didn't even occur to me to look at the retroarch.cfg file since I was so convinced it was an issue with the way LaunchBox was handling it. When I deleted the .cfg and let it regenerate, I compared it to the old one and found that video_driver = "gl" had been changed to video_driver = "gl1", I feel like that was probably my issue.

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