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2 minutes ago, chainsaw39573 said:

Naomi games run directly from Demul no problem. When I add them to Launchbox and try to run one I get an error as if it can't find a rom in the dc romset. I'm so lost as what to try next. As far as I know all the parameters/settings are correct.

Do you have the platform name listed in the Associated Platforms tab in Launchbox for the emulator and do you have the correct default command line for Naomi listed?

Can you edit Demul in >Launchbox>Manage emulators and share a pic of the Details tab and the Associated platforms tab? It makes is easier to see what you have.

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13 minutes ago, chainsaw39573 said:

Thank you, but now I'm having an issue with it pulling up the list of games to launch with demul instead of just launching the game I chose.


15 minutes ago, neil9000 said:

Also you cant use the same demul entry for Dreamcast and Arcade, as they need different boxes checking.


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3 minutes ago, chainsaw39573 said:

I removed the Dreamcast portion and it's still giving me the same issue. I thought all boxes were correct. Thank you for your help and patience btw

As i said you cant use the same emulator entry for arcade that you are using for Dreamcast, as the different platforms require different boxes to be checked as the games are loaded differently. You will want to remove those arcade systems from your current demul Dreamcast entry and add a new emulator. Call it something like Demul Arcade and point it at the same demul.exe. Add your arcade systems and there commandlines to this entry and check the arcade related boxes on the main screen, i think you need to check the "no space before rom name" and the "use filename only" checkboxes. I dont have it setup myself so hopefully @Retro808 can confirm the exact boxes that need checking.

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