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Deleting rom files from LaunchBox


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Hey guys! I'm starting the process of cleaning up some games (specially from my mame and"Just Thrillers No Fillers" set. I have 2 situations/questions abut the process:

1. At the beggining I right clicked the games, saw the path to the files, searched for those filse in the right folder and deleted them. I even emptied the bin. To my surprise, after rebooting LaunchBox, the game still showed up in my playlists and it still played! Weird thinng is I right click the game, the path shows me the same folder but when I search that folder, the file isnt there anymore. What gives?


2. I saw in some old posts you are supposed to be able to activate the option to delete the rom files directly from Launchbox. I dont see that opion in the Tools tab, or anywhere fo that matter.

There are certain files that give me the option to delete the roms and every file associated with it after I right click/delete them. But this option doesnt show for every game I try to right click/delete.


Help will be greatly appreciated!

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In the LaunchBox Tools menu, select Options and you will see the tickbox that allows you to physically delete a file from your computer when you delete the game in LaunchBox.
The last time I tested this feature it was only capable of deleting the file pointed to in LaunchBox. Other files specific to the game, if they existed, such as a bin or chd as well as their folders were ignored. Things may have improved.

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It sounds like you might have downloaded some kind of prebuild? If thats the case, it would be difficult to answer the first question. MAME roms do often carry files in more than one zip, so deleting a single mame "rom" is not recommended unless you specifically know you have a non-merged set.

If its a prebuild the second question will be difficult to answer as well. I've never had any problem deleting files via launchbox, but admittedly I haven't used the feature much. Since it sounds like you're messing with MAME/Arcade, I'd recommend NOT deleting the actual rom file and just delete the entry in Launchbox. Deleting one rom from a mame set can affect other games. 

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