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I've used MAME a lot in the past but I never really cared about understanding how it works...I just found some roms and played what was working without knowing which core or MAME version I was using.

I'm trying to understand a bit more now and I'm a bit confused...this is what I got so far:

MAME can run most of all roms, but for some kind of roms, FinalBurn could be better.

If I got everything right, the categories should be:

  1. CPS1
  2. CPS2
  3. CPS3
  4. Neo Geo MVS
  5. all the remaining ROMS

So for roms 1-4 I should use FinalBurn and for 5 I should use MAME.

So the main question is: how can I separate each rom in the proper category? In the scenario where I find 1 rom in my HD, how can I know what kid of rom is that? Of course I know I could search online for each game but we're talking about thousands of games and that would crazy.

I've trying using some software like clrmamepro and Lightspeed, but I'm not sure they can help with my problem and anyway I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it's not working.

Maybe LaunchBox automatic playlists could help, but it will only work with LaunchBox, and I wanted to separate them in folders before importing them.


Other misc questions:

I've seen there's more versions of MAME...which one is the "official" one? I suppose it is mamedev.org but I'm not even 100% sure :D

I've read that MAME is often updated, and sometimes you need to update your rom set. I don't think this is absolutely mandatory, but it makes me wonder about which is the "official" MAME Rom set..if there's one or not...that's because If i search online I find many different sets and I have no idea for what version of MAME they're supposed to be and/or if they're an "official" set or maybe a private collection, etc


Thanks in advance for your help!! :)


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For what it's worth, I just use MAME for everything and no issues, but It will depend on your hardware. MAME strives for accuracy and FB Neo (FinalBurn) may perform better on lesser hardware.

There is some lengthy debates as to whether FB Neo has the advantages over MAME that it did in the past. I'd just say use MAME and if you find a game that absolutely needs FB Neo, just set that game to launch with it instead.

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