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Any plugin for bigbox\launch box for statistics server?

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Hi Everybody!

I just integrated home assistant in my home, and have some statistics about my gaming activity.

Mostly, I have steam integrated with home assistant, I see which game is being played, and some information about my account.db503b4b454b60d82e4d50f565f6c3bdfd2dad85.thumb.png.2a7f10133c650a0409ae1077ee6dadb6.pngb8e87242c099336b3e681525cbd92867c115c77f.thumb.jpeg.ff951b7c8028af2382f968b1dfb2e372.jpeg

This also enables me to gather some overtime statistics like how long I played each game, what hours do I usually play, etc.

Which got me thinking, it would be nice to have some remote access to statistics coming from inside LaunchBox\BigBox!

I thought about writing a plugin that starts up a server (protected by an api key) which will report about the following information:

  • Now Playing status showing if a game is launched and some information about it (cover art, name, console, etc.)
  • If attract mode is active or not
  • Top played games\playtime analytics?
  • LaunchBox\BigBox info (version, which mode is launched, total games count, console count, etc.)
  • LaunchBox update availability indicator

Some more advanced things that would be amazing to have but can wait for phase 2:

  • Integrate net-play status (hosting a game + showing the game's address), maybe if possible show usernames of currently playing with people
  • Launch a game from afar or exit a game from afar
  • Enable controlling automation of enabling\disabling: attract mode, kiosk mode, some sort of parental control (automation to password protect the machine from a certain hour of the day)


I already started looking into plugin development and will try to see what is possible to change\get data on from there. But I thought I'll share this to get some feedback from more experienced players here, and maybe someone might have some ideas to add to this, or even know of a plugin that already exists that does most\all of this?

I'll be happy to hear what you think!


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