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virtua cop 3 question


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how does one do this in launchbox?

Run Cxbx-Reloaded with the following command line (No need for calibration in game) :
Cxbx.exe /load [_path_to_vc3.xbe_]

especially if the rules of demulshooter are:

Do not open Cxbx.exe window alone, to load and run the rom from within : this won't work with DemulShooter

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No need to add a bullet mode button it is built in within Demulshoooter and the start keys are set as well

Controls :

Cxbx-Reloaded Controls
vcop3 Trigger Bullet Time Reload

Misc. Notes :

  • Do not open Cxbx.exe window alone, to load and run the rom from within : this won't work with DemulShooter !
  • P1 and P2 START buttons are mapped to Keyboard [1] and [2] (just like MAME, etc....) and can be simulated with AHK scripts from any other Aimtrak/Joystick button
  • The game may crash on some computers at the end of the second level.

Whats the issue with yours? What guns are you using? 

I haven't made any changes to the above and it all works with Wiimotes here.

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Start keys are set and they totally work. My whole mame cabinet is already programmed to have start buttons as different keys but I can on theory go back and reprogram all the emulators to match, just going to take a little bit of time. 

I didn't even see that display for bullet time being middle click, wow dont know how I missed that. I am using aimtrack or arcade guns or whatever they are called. And i really only use left click which is shoot and right click which I believe is shooting off screen to reload. I'm pretty sure there is a middle click registered within that aimtrack app. So I basically just need to set that to a button on the gun and I'm all set then?  

This is my first high end game that involves more than just fire and reload. 

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No need to go through all that, you can use Autohotkey.

I assume you have a player one start and a seperate player 2 start button on your cabinet. 

You can set it so Player 1 start sends 1 and Player 2 start sends 2 just whilst this game is playing, by putting it in the Running AHK script tan in the edit emulator part

In regards to Aimtrack and middle button I have no idea-sorry, but in theory yes that should work, if not and you have a spare button on the Aimtrack you could set that up to be midddle click by AHK.

Not sure how well versed you are with AHK, but happy to help if you need it.


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oh i have no idea how to run AHK script.  I tried to do one a little bit ago where i wanted it to automatically press alt enter to make it full screen and i got nothing.  I have the ESC set up to exit the emulator but that one is always given to you.  basically i normally just copy and paste what other people do.  so lets say for instance in my cab i have the start button normally setup for player 1 as T. and i have player 2 start button set up as G. so i want T to register as 1 and G to register as 2, but only for this game or only for this emulator I guess would work as well.  Do you know how I would go about doing that and would I just put it right below the ESC one thats in the running hotkey or whatever its called?

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Using your example in the same tab (running ahk script tab) you would normally put the escape key ahk you would need to add the following ahk underneath it

This will be across the emulator, you can do it for the game only but is adds another layer to it. 

AHK as below



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Yes. I have used the slow down button in the game and its pretty cool. Works fairly well. This is if I'm playing 1 player works great or if I'm playing 2 player but only shooting with 1 player it works great. As soon as I have 2 people actually playing and shooting at the same time the whole game gets super lagged and its hard to really do anything. 

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