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  1. Oh that is very good to know. I don't normally try betas but when the legit version comes out I always update so thank you. That would be great. I'm loving the theme. I'm still working on changing all the controls to game specific... Speaking of is there an easy way to like export a list of all the games one has so I could keep track?
  2. so you where right i was wrong. the shutdown screen looks better the way you originally had it. any chance you still have the original shutdown? i tried to get it on here but the link is no longer available and i was dumb enough to just copy this one over the original
  3. Yes. I have used the slow down button in the game and its pretty cool. Works fairly well. This is if I'm playing 1 player works great or if I'm playing 2 player but only shooting with 1 player it works great. As soon as I have 2 people actually playing and shooting at the same time the whole game gets super lagged and its hard to really do anything.
  4. I ended up having to change my platforms back to there original names. It did not like me using nintendo and super nintendo. But once I changed em back to super nintendo entertainment system or whatever it worked no problem. I use Playlist anyways so no real issue there. Thanks.
  5. You by any chance ever try two light guns shooting at the same time and have it slow down so bad that its unplayable by any chance?
  6. OK will do. Just to confirm the name of the remote should be the same name as the platform name in launch box right? Also its pulling from the remotes folder right?
  7. Oh I don't know. I'll check it out. I just used your pics and left them as whatever they where.
  8. Hey so I got it all working amazingly except Nintendo and super Nintendo the controller in the top right hand corner is missing. I tried renaming the image as nintendo because thats what its called in platform list. Am I doing something wrong? I assume so since every other system works perfect.
  9. thats it??!!! its that easy! just write those two little guys: T::1 G::2 I think I can handle that, will try it out, thanks!
  10. oh i have no idea how to run AHK script. I tried to do one a little bit ago where i wanted it to automatically press alt enter to make it full screen and i got nothing. I have the ESC set up to exit the emulator but that one is always given to you. basically i normally just copy and paste what other people do. so lets say for instance in my cab i have the start button normally setup for player 1 as T. and i have player 2 start button set up as G. so i want T to register as 1 and G to register as 2, but only for this game or only for this emulator I guess would work as well. Do you know how I would go about doing that and would I just put it right below the ESC one thats in the running hotkey or whatever its called?
  11. Start keys are set and they totally work. My whole mame cabinet is already programmed to have start buttons as different keys but I can on theory go back and reprogram all the emulators to match, just going to take a little bit of time. I didn't even see that display for bullet time being middle click, wow dont know how I missed that. I am using aimtrack or arcade guns or whatever they are called. And i really only use left click which is shoot and right click which I believe is shooting off screen to reload. I'm pretty sure there is a middle click registered within that aimtrack app. So I basically just need to set that to a button on the gun and I'm all set then? This is my first high end game that involves more than just fire and reload.
  12. Any random chance you know how to get demulshooter to allow you to change up the start button keys or add in the button for bullet mode / slowdown mode on this game?
  13. Im really hoping this becomes a new feature as well, in the meantime since I hate the redundancy I changed the auto start up category in big box to playlists only. Then I basically remade all the platforms as playlists and just used the same clear logo and same theme video from the the playlist. then I went through and deleted the games i didnt want in the playlist. So now I have for example a light guns game playlist with lethal enforcers in it and then an mame or arcade playlist that has all the arcade games but lethal enforcers. It took only 20 or so minutes to do. and for now it solves all my problems. I imagine if you have a different theme going that shows info and specs and what not this method might not work, but for me I just have a theme video for each system and game so you cant tell the difference between platforms and playlists at all.
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