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  1. If I remembered where I got it I would send you a link but I think I found it somewhere on that emu...... Line... Place.
  2. Ya I tried all the tricks as well and nothing worked, but yes I found a "resolution patched" version like koroth mentioned... That was the only thing that would work for me.
  3. I had to download a new version of the game. They have different resolution versions of a whole bunch of the technoparrot games. I was able to find a website that had like 10 different resolution versions of the vt4 game and I got the one that closest matched my screen size... Atleast I think that's what I did.
  4. I use the Playlist feature and then you are basically able to show and hide whatever you want. Works for now until they add this option.
  5. So I still had run as admin on the actual exe as well as the tekno launcher. Once I got rid of both it worked! Well kind of. I can use the pause screen which is great but if I actually pause emulation then I can't get back. But this totally works for me. So thanks guys!
  6. As soon as I don't open mine in admin for Virtua tennis it doesn't work. It fails the process or whet ever it is on that screen.
  7. Oh wow I am using it in admin still for some reason that was a must back in the day and I never changed it. I'll try that out. By the way, I noticed you didn't stop emulation progress when you pause. That means the pause screen comes up but it doesn't actually pause the game right? I'm hoping mine actually pauses the game as well.
  8. Oh happy to hear it's not just me. And ya I switched my pause key to q from delete. And sadly that did not fix my issue.
  9. so it was a tutorial video, but not by you guys. i guess it was some sucra guy or something.... sadly I made it windowed and i still cant pause. delete button (my pause button) works on every other game and emulator but teknoparrot. I did some googling around and Im somehow alone on this, so maybe its just my weird setup, who knows.
  10. Ohhh it was a while ago when I watched it but I thought it was a tutorial video but it might have just been a forum thread maybe. Hard to say now. OK I'll try out the exclusive screen vs window and see if that helps me out.
  11. I am using the teknoparrot loader like the name one with the parrot on there. Basically I watched your guys video and copied that exactly. I am using it with Virtua tennis 4. I haven't tested it with any other games and I am using it with the game setup in exclusive full screen if that changes things.
  12. I cant get the pause theme to work for teknoparrot stuff. Is this still in the works or am I doing something wrong?
  13. so i discovered it must be the screen situation, when I switch the setup to window mode instead of fullscreen it works!!!! i dont know how i didnt see this before, but here we are. The bad new is when i use window it sets the resolution at some crazy high amount because i can i only see high the screen whether im on my lap top screen or my external monitor screen. I know they say you can switch the resolution in the ini, but I cant seem to really find an actual virtua tennis ini file. do I need to make my own or am I missing something?
  14. so i unplugged the external speakers and still didnt work, Ill double check the audio setting, but as soon as I unplugged the external monitor as well it worked again. Im going to test plugging in the monitor once the game is already playing. but even if that works I dont know what I would do next.
  15. I think you are very correct. I'm switching from the laptop built in speakers to external ones that are setup next to the external monitor. I don't recall if I have ever tried it without both connected at the same time, it never even crossed my mind that it would be the external speakers that where causing the issue. Technically not the actual speakers but you know what I mean. I am going to try and check that out later this morning. Obviously super easy to test. And I'll let you know. Thanks for follow up.
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