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Nintendo Satellaview Box Cover - Modern Version

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Nintendo Satellaview Box Cover - Modern Version

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1225126882_Actraiser(J).thumb.png.4f9a081c8e8edcfa44bb1bb3e210c3b5.png1855825122_BsZeldaNoDensetsu-InishieNoSekiban-Dai-3-wa(J).thumb.png.a1f1684e78beb3b0b0277de12047208e.pngHello people.

I would like to share with you my first box pack that I created. I am part of the Project Launchbox Group in Brazil and creating a Nintendo Satellaview System, I identified that they don't find much media for this platform, so with the help of a friend @Cauptain I managed to create it. Thanks Claudio!!!

Hope you like it.

PS: They cover 113 games. The official XML has 88 games.  the rest are Hacked/Translated, etc.










Actraiser (J).png

Bs Super Mario Usa - Power Challenge - Dai-3-kai (J).png

Bs Zelda No Densetsu - Inishie No Sekiban - Dai-3-wa (J).png

Excitebike - Bunbun Mario Battle - Stadium 3 (J).png


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