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  1. anyone know how use a controller with hoxs64 thank u
  2. i tried it but i notice the analogue not working properly for first person shooter games -------------------------- lads anyone how import game saves on this thanks
  3. any good emulator for sega naomi 2 thx
  4. anyone have a autohotkey script for mupen64plus-gui seeing when i exit game the box is still there thanks
  5. thank you for sharing how i import game saves to this thanks
  6. Anyone figure how get SNK Neo Geo AES to work thanks
  7. looks very neat and tidy any update for the zips
  8. any settings for the sega pico standalone emulator thanks
  9. anybody manage get this working
  10. can someone help with this sorry for resurrecting old thread but better then making new one
  11. mohanned85


    is it possible you can get it working with retroarch ha
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