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  1. need some help for some reason i dont got the unblock option, can someone help please
  2. guys where can i find additional apps in latest version of lb thanks
  3. i getting this error how i change location as my old hdd was full so how i change location
  4. how can i change location thanks as i got new drive
  5. when i try playing any game on this i get this error se these are setting i using to play game and hear other am i missing anything thanks
  6. when i click on any my games i get this any help please
  7. which version of scummvm launcher we need thanks
  8. my spec is it used to work but not now
  9. edit got it working looks like issue i think with newest version I using a 32bit version and worked now testing with lb ps i got 64bit version of win 11 Edit it working fine with lb too
  10. i read on that site i trying find my old version of it on a hd and see if it works
  11. what version of supermodel ya using and ui if you can zip your version as heard issue with new version thanks
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