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  1. anyway if i press esc it quits yuzu thx
  2. can i have command line for games which use mame
  3. i test that now thx
  4. can someone help i copied but nothing
  5. DOes this still work as cant find EnableSignatureChecks = True
  6. it didnt work but I used this and it worked $Esc:: { Send !{f4} Return }
  7. hi the exit command does not work any help please
  8. can you sebd screenshot of errot
  9. i did and deleted now and will check if works edit it worked thank you
  10. hi guys when i try to import my NEC TurboGrafx-16 all seems fine but when i close launchbix and reopen launchbox the games i imported are not there Any idea why
  11. any help for msk and msk 2 with openMSX
  12. i intalled this but i asking how can i remove it of my setup as i delete some consoles i dont play sorry
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