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  1. got it working it was issue that bios files was not zipped
  2. i got this sorted too thanks guy never new u needed them zipped
  3. mate this looks wicked thank for sharing
  4. I'll try all these once on laptop
  5. No it used to work with reicast but not working with flycast. I edited it in lunchbox btw
  6. for some reason none my games play with flycast any idea why
  7. mohanned85

    retroarch help

    hi guys i trying play atari 5200 7800 jaguar retroarch but they not working. when i try atari 5200 i get this screen when i try 7800 it stays on this screen when i try jaguar i get this any ideas will be greatly appreciated thx btw this is cores i using
  8. posting here because i love this project and want thank u for amazing work
  9. thanks facing little problem when i try set it on different consoles all consoles have same overlay even tho try set them all individually any idea why
  10. ok update i got controller work most games except first person shooter like golden eye etc. as for retroarch it detecting it strangely as snes controller any ideas
  11. anyone have citra, cxbx reloaded, desume, mupen64plus, mednafen, rpcs3 and xenia if possible thanks
  12. this is controller i use by the way https://www.ebay.ie/itm/254292218734
  13. I have a usb n84 controller but for some games that use analogue stick like goldeneye it not working properly can anyone help me please? is there certain controller plugin i need use thanks
  14. What best way map controller. i have n64 usb controller but goldeneye not playing correct anaolog stick not working as it shouldl i using this controller https://www.ebay.ie/itm/254292218734
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