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  1. where best place to get cps3 to work with that core so
  2. they from emuparradise and are single games
  3. i using fbalpha_libretro and what bios do i need
  4. it not working can anyone help
  5. fixed it it was bios issue can anyone help with msx 2 and cps3 if ok
  6. I try that now and what i check with md5 checker thanks edit changed core nothing as for ms5 what i check thx
  7. there u go games wont even play in retroarch itself
  8. MY msx 2, turbografx cd and CPS3 dont work :(a
  9. i know but if they teamviewer it easier see issue but i do understand like
  10. no i use pce i copied video exactly hence asked if someone can check teamviewer with me thx
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