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  1. i intalled this but i asking how can i remove it of my setup as i delete some consoles i dont play sorry
  2. can you send me your controller profile or send screenshot here how you have it set up thx
  3. amazing tutorial question Anyone have a xbox 360 controller config for fs-uae or playstation 3 controller thanks thanks
  4. all working thanks so much
  5. @Jason Carr any plans to use games db for scraping games there link https://thegamesdb.net/ thanks and sorry if was asked
  6. it the romset i got from no intro
  7. the file format is .dsk i checked 3 games
  8. 3099 games buddy lol way to much mention lol
  9. so for the cpc what is proper parameter if i want all them to work and is it certain bios i need or bios the rest working fine now thanks
  10. looks like have issue with these just now amstrad cpc, gamepark gp32, Hartung Game Master any idea
  11. my rompath is D:\LaunchBox\Emulator\Mame Console\roms\bios
  12. so should i make a folder called bios in roms? do u have teamviewer pal
  13. the screen goes black as if going to load then crashes and those 2 files are in the zip btw
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