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Problem with Mame version 0.222


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Hi Maybe anyone can help. I have download a mame Romset 0.222 and have insert it in Launchbox. The Emulator is Mame64 0.222. The Emulation is slowly and the sound has an echo. When i start Mame64 directly it is the same. When i start the Rom with Retroarch the emulation is ok. I have the problem with all Roms i have started. I have try it with Kung Fu Master. The Laptop is a 2018er MacBook Pro with WIndows on it.

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It could be your MacBook is using the Intel GPU rather than the AMD GPU.

Also, do you know which video backend MAME is using? (D3D, OpenGL, BFGX) SHould be a setting in MAME64, you can try changing that. 

If MAME64 has a logging/debugging option, turn that on and you should see which it is using. Using the standard command line version of MAME it's a simple -v option.

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Go into your MAME.ini and check your settings that video is set to opengl:

# opengl or d3d
video                     opengl

The other option if that doesn't work is to try this instead of opengl:


That uses the software renderer which isn't as fast/comprehensive as other options.  Note that Retroarch MAME core only uses software rendering which may be why works on that.  Other than that, verify your graphics drivers are updated.

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