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Changes in LB Overwritten when launching BB


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Hi all,

I'm running into a weird bug. Some changes in LB, like renaming the platform "NEC TurboGrafx-16" to "TurboGrafx" dont reflect in BB. When I exit back to LB, the platform name has changed back to "NEC TurboGrafx-16".

This isnt a one time issue either. I had another weird issue where I deleted all my MAME games, and reimported. In LB everything looks great.  In BB, everything is duplicated (2 games of every rom).  So I delete all my MAME games in LB, then launch BB to see what would happen. Lo and behold, games are still there, sans the duplicates.  I go back to LB, and the games are back in LB even though I deleted them

I cant figure out why there is a weird "sync issue" between LB and BB...  Or its like BB is overwriting changes made in LB.

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In your \Launchbox\Data\Platforms folder are there any backups of your platform xml files being stored in there? 

We have seen users make backup copies of those platform xml files and store them in that same folder and this exact issue happen. 

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Yeah those need to be removed. Only thing in there should be the specific platform xml. That is what is confusing LB and BB. LB does not put backups there. 

Is this a build you did yourself or one of those builds people download like ColPipes builds? 

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