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Combining DOS games is troublesome


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Hello all,

I'm trying to set my MS-DOS collection up and running inside Launchbox by parsing the games which have, each one, their own .CONF file that makes them self-contained. Launchbox finds the games, the media and the .CONF files correctly.

Thing is I (sometimes) have multiple region/language versions of the same game and I would like to combine them. Each game is in its own folder using the naming as follows: 

Alone in the Dark 3 (1994) (Spanish) (CD)\dosbox.conf
Alone in the Dark 3 (1994) (English) (CD)\dosbox.conf

The issue is that once the games are combined, they appear under "additional apps" but the .CONF folder path field (inside "launching\DOSBOX" becomes unique, so it's not possible to define one for each "additional app". 

I've tried to set up a .BAT file that will call a certain version of DOSBOX and launch the specific .CONF file inside the game folder, but when I try to set each version ("additional app") to use its respective .BAT, when launching the game Launchbox reverts to the "DOSBOX ECE" version and fails to launch anything. If I separate the games and point the "application path" inside "launching" to the .BAT file, it works flawlessly. I've unchecked "use DOSBOX to play this game..." under "launching\DOSBOX"

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it's just the feature wasn't meant for MS-DOS games and only for "true" versions of a ROM. 



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