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MAME 0.224 No-Nag

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There was no real change to last months codebase for Warnings.

This could be the last No-Nag i release as the Mame devs maybe adding a softer option for game warnings, some code was added in the previous release but was rolled back just before release, notes were added in mame 0.223 as to what may be acceptable in future builds, the following are the notes as posted. As this may or may not appear in the next release i will wait until then to make a decision on future versions.

-Revert "ui: allow to skip warning popup at start" [Vas Crabb]
 * This reverts commit 74f456df945cd1720dc4d6bc105f64c13e62ced8.
 * I will allow the feature with the following conditions:
   - No skipping red warnings.
   - A key-value map of device shortnames and yellow warnings must be stored in the .cfg file, along with a timestamp of the last
      time the system was run and the last time a warning was shown.
   - On starting a system, the map of device shortnames and yellow warnings must be built and compared to the one loaded from the
      .cfg file.  If it doesn't match, if the system hasn't been started in seven days, or a yellow warning hasn't been shown in 14
      days, the warning is not to be skipped.

There is an added option in the TAB menu in game to see any Warnings that have been suppressed on loading a game, showing if the rom has any known issues, please use this option to check the game/rom before using any online forums for help with the game/rom in question


NOTE: This does NOT interfere with the Leaderboards at all.

**This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame.

mame64.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.224

Its recommended to download the full 0.224 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files.

After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the mame.ini file from your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install.  

For those of you on old installs make sure in the mame.ini file you have  the following set.

Skip_gameinfo  1


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As of 30th September MAME has introduced the soft no-nag, so going forward, i will no longer release no-nags, as the soft version they have implemented is in my eyes a good compromise going forward. That being said i'm sure others will still want to remove the no-nag completely, and as such i suggest looking for MKChamp's diff files and compile your own version, or wait for someone else to release their version.

-frontend: Added option to skip repeated imperfect emulation warnings. [Vas Crabb]
* The option is called skip_warnings, and it must be set in ui.ini (it can be set using the internal UI). Red warnings cannot be
skipped; yellow warning can be skipped under certain circumstances.
* For a yellow warning to be skipped, the system must have been launched in a way that allows warnings to be displayed, in a
configuration with the same set of devices flagged with unemulated/imperfect features, within the last seven days, and the
warning must have been displayed within the past 14 days.

Thank to all who have download the no-nags in the past.


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