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Wizardy III GBC Wrong Artwork


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For future similar cases:

you can use the "EDIT"* option to replace a wrong image that has already been uploaded & approved. Then the wrong image doesn't need to be deleted if it's simply replaced (and no need to upload a new image either). This will save time and make the change faster too.

*EDIT button is found on the bottom left corner after you click on an image you want to replace. Then you simply select a new image for a replacement with "select image file to upload". You can also delete an image from the edit window, with the "delete image" option.

Screencaps for EDIT option with replace or delete in mind:




EDIT: The numbering is actually wrong, database rules says that the name should be the one from the cover art. And the name from the cover art for the Japanese version is: Wizardry II: Llygamyn no Isan / Wizardry II: Legacy of Llylgamyn (I know confusing, since western version this would be III). There is no other version than the Japanese version. As you can see "The Knight of Diamond" is the version III for the Japanese version:


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1 minute ago, Retro808 said:

Thanks @kurzih I did mention in the original post this needs to be done on the GamesDB site not the forum. He misunderstood and posted in the GamesDB subforum. Thank you for providing the steps.

No problemo! :) I actually noticed that there is also an issue with the numbering with the Japanese Game Boy Color version of the game, they should be vice versa: III is actually II. You can double check by looking at the roman numerals on the cover images.

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22 minutes ago, antifrodis said:

Thank you for the detailed explanation. It wasn't clear to me on how I could go about doing this. That is also interesting info about the numbers for the Wizardry games. I'll check that out as well.

I made the changes yesterday, so the Wizardry games should be fine now. Also deleted the cover you asked to.

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Looks like this numbering change of mine to the correct naming got someone confused:

Wizardry versions for the Japanese Game Boy Color have part II and III switched around compared to most version (Famicom has it too). No one knows why ASCII did that.
Read here for the history: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/wizardry-llylgamyn-trilogy-version-comparison/ they also confirm what I'm saying.

I'd like to remind that:

a) The database rule #2 "Game names should reflect the box of the game, with the exception of games that break scraping in LaunchBox"

b) do not blindly trust fan-submitted websites. double check and triple check from different sources. Many of us have noticed that even the very good Moby Games has had incorrect information (like region info).

c) the same information about cover name priority can be found when adding new games:

Untitled-1.thumb.png.4e2ab309340e6e14de6fcadd8be47bcf.pngAnd as told before, this game was not released outside Japan for the Game Boy Color - thus the numbering is correct on the covers:

Hopefully this is now crystal clear, I really don't like my time getting wasted with back-fixing entries that have been corrected.

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