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Freezing changing options


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I have several modded Arcade1Up cabs running Launch/BigBox on crap $100 SFF PCs. My personal gaming PC however, cannot run BigBox without either a)freezing up after trying to apply the same settings that I have on my cabs, and b)is unable to even restart BigBox after forcing "End Process" through the task manager options. The logo appears on the screen, then just sits for several minutes, THEN finally boots into BigBox. Getting sick of not even being able to diagnose the issue. Windows 10, everything is up to date, full system virus scan, etc etc.

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What is the build specs of the pc you are having issues on? Not asking so much as to the nature of "is it enough to run LB", but more so to compare to a few other threads of some users having issues. A couple recent threads were with AMD Ryzen builds.

A few things to maybe look at based on past threads/discord.

1. Check task manager and see if you have nahimic services running. This has been known to cause some graphical glitches and could be a place to start if you see it. Try shutting the process down and see if anything changes.

2. If you have an AMD build and using Adrenaline or Wattman it is possible either could be causing issues. This was mentioned on discord, however that user never responded back if either of those were causing the issues he was seeing. So just recommending to check with your specific case.

It definitely has to be something with that pc since your other builds are working normal. Something in it either does not like LB/BB or LB/BB does not like it.

These issues are tricky to figure out. Most of the times it turns out to be some software causing the hiccup. We have seen things like Corsair software, audio software, and others cause issues with LB/BB you would not normally think would. Not saying it could not truly be a LB/BB issue.


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Dell XPS

Intel i7-7700 3.60 CPU

16GB Ram

nVidia 1060 GPU

Did a complete uninstall/reinstall. Still same problem. >:(

Off a fresh reboot, everything launches as normal. If I try to change anything in the options on BigBox, it freezes upon exit, the spinning blue circle pops up, and it stays this way for literally 5+ minutes, then resumes like nothing ever happened. Nothing in the system monitor shows anything spiking, or anything else that'd be obvious or abnormal.

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Sounds like you guys are having issues with your settings files being locked and LB being forced to wait to open and write to them. I would verify the following:

1) You have proper permissions to the \\LaunchBox\Data\ folder and that folder (as well as the files in it) some how didn't get marked as Read-Only
2) You don't have any file syncing software like Dropbox trying to sync files while we are trying to write to them, causing a lock
3) You don't have any drive errors causing read/write errors

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