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Philips CD-i Mess Problems


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I got cdimono1.zip in my roms folder, I got a folder in my Mess/roms folder named cdimono1 with the cdimono.zip file, I even unzipped cdimono1 and placed those files both in my roms folder and in my cdimono1 folder.  I imported all my Philips CD-i CHDs to launchbox.  I added MESS to launchbox as an emulator, specified where the exe file is, and added the cdimono1 -cdrm command line to the associated platforms line.  And I'm still getting errors loading any game.  What step am I missing?  It's my understanding I don't need to specify a bios path if I place the bios files in the roms folder as I couldn't find any line referencing "rompath" in either of the two mess "ini" files that were in the mess folder. Here is the Error: 

2020-12-26 01_22_35-MESS_ CD-i (Mono-I) (PAL) [cdimono1].png

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You don't need to (and shouldn't) unzip any of the MAME (MESS) bios, device or rom zipped files.  You probably have an older version of cdimono1.zip and a newer version of MESS.  Or you have an incomplete cdimono1 bios set.

cdimono1.zip should have 5 files in it.  If there's only 3, it's incomplete and will never work.  The 3 yours does have are cdi200.rom, cdi220.rom and cdi220b.rom.  If it has 5 files and the other 2 are cdi.bin and slave.bin, you need to have a MESS no newer than 0.221.

This is why it's important to match the version of your romset (any and all zip files) with the version of your executable.  Be it mame64.exe or mess64.exe.

Oh, and since the error is only showing those 2 missing files, your paths are fine. ;) 

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There is no cdimono1.zip in either the MAME ROMs non-merged download or in the Software List download that I can find, either for 0.226 which was the last full set I downloaded, or 0.228 which is up currently on pleasuredome. There is only cdibios.zip, which is incomplete at 3 files. Even cobbling together one from various older sources, I can't get it running. is there a definitive source for ALL the BIOS ROMs MAME/MESS has ever used, collected, or a download that holds all of them? I had this problem once before where the NEOGEO BIOS included in MAME sets was not a proper BIOS despite everyone insisting it was...

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53 minutes ago, JoeViking245 said:

It'll be with the Full Set [as opposed to the Software List ROMS (split)]  And will contain 5 files.

And now I feel dumb, but thank you. I was looking in the BIOS torrents, and in the Software List set, being that CD-i is a console. I didn't think to look at the Arcade set. 

Of course now that it runs, I see it runs with no sound but scratchy glitching ? but I guess this might solve some of my other missing BIOS issues, so thanks again.

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