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640x480 CRT Theme/Settings?


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The Neon one is along the right lines, but a bit over-done for my personal tastes. The CRTFlux seems like it's trying to mimic a CRT rather than run on one. I appreciate you sharing them.

I flipped through the downloads page on the site, but I didn't see much. I'm honestly surprised more people aren't using this kind of setup. Is there a way I can edit the default theme? Maybe that would be more appropriate. I'm not sure how I'd go about making one. I used to use HyperTheme several years ago, or would manually edit the files for HyperSpin to re-arrange things on-screen.

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16 hours ago, SkyHighGam3r said:

I've got LaunchBox (BigBox) setup on my CRT TV running at 640x480. The default resizing works ok, but it's painfully clear that it's expecting a wider aspect ratio. Are there any themes made with this low, 4:3, resolution in mind?

Hello SkyHighGam3r, what a name :)

I did release this theme some month ago.  I do have a arcade cabinet with old CRT tv...not even sure it is 640 x 480 :) .  So I built this theme by increasing everything i can ... specially FONT and Wheel ...

I also include the source code, so you can start from there...Up to you.  

To be honest, i didn't found any of the theme with big test font.  Some can fit in 4:3 but then, all text , like description of the game are unreadable with old TV...




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