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  1. Yes, have to learn something from all this...im still struggling a little but at least a first test with sample seem to work... Thanks anyway, you unblock me
  2. Just to let you know. You are not alone. Was searching for this too.
  3. Thanks...that's help. I went back and remember I delete main arcade views at start. I just rebuilt with roms import … so far seem to load now video. conclusion...something related to platform...path...
  4. Hello everyone, Since i rebuild rom the ground my PC (format ... install ...) , my LB setup with Emumovie no more work. Can you help on debug this ? Idea ? Hint where to look ? My setup include : BIGBOX, MAME roms, EMUMOVIE PREMIUM account The login is successful at LB - emumovies options page. (See attachment) No video is present in any folder under launchbox. When I did a simple download media from one very commun game like 1942, i receive that message "Game was not found at emumovies n in the emumovie system list" (See attachment) I also attach a screenshot for the 1942.zip file !!! (See attachment)
  5. Yep! I do feel a little ... eeee... should i accept . Do not want to disappoint you ! But sure, send me what the theme demo and i will do testing and send you some screen shot. That beeing said, i do only have mame installed, it is my main focus. Maybe time for me to get some other !!! But still, i will be interresting on coleco, c64, atari...yes, old school. Also, I'm not a guru like some of you in LB. But to my defense, i do have that cabinet for 15 years now, so i know the principle of it. My best wish is to have a cool theme that able to deal with - Low low res - Not CPU intensive - Big font size (including wheel)...cause low res tv by definition cant or at least are not fun to read if small - Please for eyes. So, enough information but with low res and low cpu, not too fence animation there and there and there ! My spec is ... dont laugh is a core duo 2.93...vostro 220. My main game play is classical and soon i plan to buy light gun but ok with gun game under 1995...
  6. Hello everyone, I'm using bigbox for a year now, it is fantastics. But one thing i still looking is a theme which focus on low (very low) resolution aspect. I have a arcade cabinet connected to a 27 inch crt tv via s-video. I do a lot of effort to keep that old tv working, oh my, but this is not related to my point So, almost all theme have so (too) many informations on the screen that it is not possible to read. Any suggestion , i try dozen of them. Some have the menu at left with only screen video but still, would appreciate a bigger left menu (the game list) with maybe some minimal information like, year, star number, number of player... Should I build one myself I start looking but seem to need some skill in development to do so.
  7. Hello, here the log, just in case it help other...btw, it was bubble bobble not mr.do. i need now to understand what that mean. start at line 127 Debug 2020-07-02 03-07-16 PM.log
  8. Hello, anyone have problem with some games high score writing in database. Some work , and some dont in my case. very frustrating when you do your best game ever but it is not recorded.... Example, mr.do! do not work for me... Should we have a specific rom version ? If yes, how to know which one is the one to use ? Sorry, hope i do not overseeing this therad with these questions...
  9. For me, cabinet feeling with liquid on the top is 50% of the fun
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Good idea...I may invest on a LCD for the top section
  11. Super ! First time i see front angle like this. Look less big. May be a good change to mine !
  12. Hello all, I have a custom cabinet for about 10 years with a old but still working CRT TV 26", play 100% mame games from 70-80-90's . Summer arrive, and I have a LCD HD 42" available. What should I do ? Pro's to change to HD LCD: A-May have more information readable on screen with launchbox theme (Better resolution). Could be fun to read information about games B-May able to add virtual bezel (right and left), which can be VERY cool for visual experience. I see some cabinet build like that! C-Ligth weight the cabinet (Not sure actually if this is good). More easy to move though Con's to change to HD LCD D-Very afraid of visual experience, heard ther is simulation of scanlines, but no experience at all. How good it is ? Easy to setup ? E-May take less depth Sure my main question is question D...I know CRT with little curve TV is the best...!
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