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  1. Hello, that's a great plug-in. I try to look (and install) everything that can provide some visibility of high score. That's super great. I will certainly try it.
  2. Hello, curious also. It is a very very very mysterious aspect that highscore subject is not talk that much also. For me, wont say name but some great new front-end tool leverage absolutely the community aspect of it, including the ability to put your score ... We all love to see and try beat some other...even at 50 So, launchbox have that tools, but they do not improve it. I go last night into Gauntlet game to see the highscore, i was so surprise my name still top 3 in high score. Cause I'm really not that good. The only reason I can see, well, it is because people dont use that much. Dot! What about you ?
  3. ohhhh! I see. I was so near. Apologize for this insistence. But that answer my question, you are right.
  4. Hello Faeran, I may be not quit clear or something i do not catch. Here I added screenshot to show the process I do. At the end, as you can see, it create many category in the playlist and a lot too specific and have only one game. In the example it is driving - firework. When there is only one game. I actually have more then 2000's games. Would prefer a kind of split with 10 maximum category So, my point is how Launchbox has decide that XYZ game will fall into ABC category ? There is a metadata somewhere, for sure ! Maybe inside itself of the ROMS ? I'm not a pro in that section
  5. Very very basic question. How that autopopulate split the information? Is it a core information on each mame game ? I ask this because in my case must of my 2000 games are not categorise into a Playlist. I have many category that only have 1 game after running it. I use a old but stable for me mame. Version.186
  6. Hello everyone, I observe that some very interesting custom theme not show on the available list thru Bigbox menu. Including mine Is it because it does not meet all requirement like the fill of all wheels 1,2,3...etc ? Is there a kind of peer-review process ? Depending the complexity, i would like maybe to complete mine this year.
  7. D'ont make me wrong. I could look like the guy who look for sky but I understand it is available thru detail. I was thinking a step before, directly in the wheels pages to display it there. I'm probably not the only one who desactivate this detail page. Main reason it is almost unreadable thru a CRT TV, and in 99% of time, not use. With bigbox in mind, we need to think outside of click - click - click menu Or, I'm too picky
  8. In Launchbox 10.12, we see the introduction of MAME High score integration. Which is great. But so far, I do not see any theme that simplify the use of it. By simplify I mean something with arcade cabinet in mind with bigbox. It need to be easy, since we dont use mouse. it need to be integrated into existing navigation. Note : I do make it work thru custom theme tools but that's was not quit good
  9. Hello SkyHighGam3r, what a name I did release this theme some month ago. I do have a arcade cabinet with old CRT tv...not even sure it is 640 x 480 . So I built this theme by increasing everything i can ... specially FONT and Wheel ... I also include the source code, so you can start from there...Up to you. To be honest, i didn't found any of the theme with big test font. Some can fit in 4:3 but then, all text , like description of the game are unreadable with old TV...
  10. Hello, so is this solution still working after couple of week ? I have the same issue. Well, just to make sure we talk about same thing... My situation : All MAME only lightgun working well with multiple screen. But this is not the case with M2 emulator. The calibration horozontal ratio is wrong, he calculate the position by adding main x resolution + x resolution marquee screen. The only solution found so far is to close my marquee when player those game. And this laid to a second issue for me, since when i close marquee screen, because it is a special custom resolution., i need to recreate it. But this is my main issue with nvidia old graphic card. So, first, is your fix work and are you in the same pattern issue as me ?
  11. That give me courage...:) I feel your pain. This hobby is not plug & play. BTW, having same issue. 2 lightgun, mame, m2 emulator , 2 screens and calibration is not working if i keep the second monitor up!
  12. Not sure if we talk about same thing though. But in my case...reverse the screen marquee make the picture look just as normal in sitting position. I built a pinball also and see that effect with another screen monitors. Like if company made those screen for a certain angle view. Which can make a certain sense. Usually when you use a screen...the screen is bellow your eye or centered. Rarely the reverse like we need with a marquee
  13. Hello, I just buy this same screen month ago, so satisfy so far. 2 things bring my attention to this thread. This part about 'seem washed out' and 'don't have the best angle'. I observe but not explain it at all if you reverse the screen , the angle is way better. Personally, i had to buy an another old but good video card cause i need to make a custom resolution and have a s-video output. Not easy to find
  14. Thanks JoeViking245, I read your post which is very valuable. That give me some direction and likely some terminology of what exist or not right now.
  15. Hello, I was to write a question in this forum to ask how far the ability to integrated high score in some page would be possible. Related to my general question first in this Now that I see this thread, may I ask you...What I understand from this add-on is the ability to have score 1 to 3 integrated into game detail, which is good. Now my question and please consider a have new skills on programmation (well, not in this technology, more database developer)...Could it be possible to have in a separate LB, BB field ? Where then we could add it anywhere in any page ? I'm pretty sure it was your first idea but probably more complicated and probably need LB, BB changes...is it ? Another related suggestion would be to a another field that have , let say, top 3 high score...another field, your high score... My final intention is to build a theme with a focus around High Score...your high score but also other hish score...A good way in my own opinion to make the play more challenging and fun.
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