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Problems in the (Dutch) Gui Launchbox (please fix this!)

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I hope that the awesome launchbox development team can fix these issues. Thank you!

1ste bigger problem:

When you want to add an emulator and want to fill in the emulator name you that there is a problem with the GUI of Launchbox. When you make your screen titels smaller or go all the way to the right you can see the names where you can choose from.
Also you see threre's a a problem with more of those boxes that you can fill in.

2nd (small) problem
Grammical Error.

It say's "soorteren" instead of "sorteren".  It's small but still a shame.

I hope the Launchbox development team will fix these issues!
Cheers from the Netherlands.







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Unless you have downloaded the latest beta and noticed a fix there then it likely has not. 

You would probably be better off posting in the translation thread since our dev typically responds there on translation items. 

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