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TMNT - I believe I have 4-player version but only given 2 players, merge issue?


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I recently grabbed the complete 228 MAME romset (merged) and was surprised when I played TMNT (either of them) for the first time to see that it only supported 2 players. I didn't have this issue when I  previously configured my Hyperspin-based setup a couple years ago.

I'm pretty sure I have the normal (?) 4-player ROM for TMNT, as everything I've seen online seems to indicate the 2-player variant has "2p" in the filename, whereas my filename is tmnt.zip

When I open the ZIP file I see a bunch of variants some of which have 2P in the title, and this is making me wonder if perhaps this is a problem with downloading the merged romset? I would be surprised that the main/default tmnt in the MAME romset wouldn't be the arcade original (i.e. 4 players).

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When you Edit the game (right-click, Edit), what does the Launching tab (section) look like?  Is the Rom File pointing to "tmnt.zip"?

tmnt is the Parent rom and is the "World 4 Players, version X".  And then it has 13 clones (which is [part of] what you're seeing in the zip file).


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