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Will launchbox work with an NAS RAID

A Retro guy

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I have a Synology 2413+, that's a 12 bay NAS, and I think it's absolutely great, newest model is the 2419+, so mine is already a bit older. I also "only" have 4TB disks inside, and upgraded it from 2GB RAM to 4GB, but that's the max. So if I do stuff on it like archiving, what we guys do a lot, it's nowadays quite slow. But the 2419+ comes with 4GB and it's upgradable up to 32GB, so that's quite nice. 

Running in RAID 6. 

Although I don't host my ROMs on the NAS, but internally on PC plus USB HDD backup. 

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I use a Qnap 4 bay nas, but only for roms. The main program and media are on my faster internal hard drives.   

also you need to consider the question of what type of raid. All drives will fail in the future and larger drives are more susceptible to this.

a couple of points to think about are

 the maximum size of hard drive to put in  (my qnap is 16tb per drive max max)

do you need a NAS that can take different size drives , not all can.

do you need a NAS or will a cheaper DAS system work (connected to pc via usb only)

It is best to know what type of raid you think suits your need and check your NAS supports it.

if i got this right  it goes like this 4 x 10tb drives 

 raid 0 will give the fastest and most space. but if one drive fails all data is lost. only use if you have a reliable backups

 raid 0     40tb  and faster as writes to both drives simultaneously, but if one drive fails lose data from both drives 

 raid 1     20tb two copies of all data  so if a drive fails  it can be rebuilt 

 raid 10  20tb  with the speed of raid 0 and  restore abilitys of raid 1

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