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Pause screen & Future Pinball


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Has anyone gotten this to work?  I saw someone that is using Visual Pinball to display instruction cards from Pinball Cards on the BigBox pause screen and wanted to do the same with Future Pinball but haven't been able to get it to work. Does anyone have LB/BB pause working with Future Pinball? If so please let me know what I need to do to get it working. Thanks!

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I may be the VPX person you are talking about. See the below link to follow to the YouTube video where I show how I have it setup. It should be the same for Future Pinball, I'm guessing. I am taking advantage of the "Manuals" folder. Most themes have a "View Manual" selection for this before starting the game (see in video at 0:10). And, with the right pause theme, you can again access "View Manual" during the pause screen (see video at 0:46). See the description in the Youtube video for the link to the pause theme I am using.

In short ...
- download the pdf pinball instruction cards.
- convert them to an image (optional - I did this to allow for a quicker popup that fills the screen, instead of the way BigBox handles pdf's - slower, sometimes doesn't work, smaller screen).
- name the cards the exact names you have them in Launchbox, place them in the "Launchbox>Manuals>Future Pinball" folder.
- install the Pause theme.
- try it out



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Hi ItchyRobot,  yes you are the one I saw! Love your setup. My issue is that I can't get the pause screen to even come up at all with Future Pinball. I hit P and nothing happens. Pause screen works perfectly fine for me in MAME but with Future Pinball, hitting P does nothing. That's the problem I'm trying to solve. I see you can bring up the pause screen with VPX in your video, did you have to do anything special for the setup (AHK scripts or something like that) or it just worked right away for you? I know your setup is VPX and not Future Pinball but maybe if you had to do something special to get the Pause screen to come up, it could help with my Future Pinball issue. Right now I'm just looking for anything to help. Maybe I need to switch from Future Pinball to VPX if pause works in VPX but not Future Pinball  :)

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Thanks sundogak. That's unfortunate that pause doesn't work with BAM. I'm not sure all tables I have will work without BAM. I'll need to try and see and if not I may need to switch to VPX. I'm building a cabinet so I want Pause to work for all emulators I use. 

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