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Bezel Project is not working correctly


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So I had an install a while back with the bezel project, it was working great but there was a ton of other stuff that was not exactly working great so I had to uninstall.

I'm not using retroarch but I have it installed.

I have a full ROM set so it should be installing pretty much everything but it only seems to want to touch around 2000 and no games I actually care about. If I look in the artwork directory it has most of the game's bezels, but if I look in the cfg directory there's almost nothing there.

I've tried reinstalling both with retroarch and mame and I've had no luck. Really at this point if I just had a copy of the cfg files and could shove them in the directory that would be fine

Very frustrating and I'm not sure what to do.

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2 minutes ago, 64ozgames said:

sorry, since you're a moderator can you please delete the topic.

No ill leave it here in case others come looking, but here are a couple of links that may help you, its worth mentioning though that the bezel project is completely unrelated to Launchbox.

Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM! - Game Media - LaunchBox Community Forums (launchbox-app.com)

GitHub - thebezelproject/BezelProject: The Bezel Project installer script

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@64ozgames, I'm a member of The Bezel Project, so I'll try to assist.

If you aren't using Retroarch for MAME games, it isn't needed in any way. Having cfg files will not affect how MAME implements/shows its bezels.

What version of MAME are you using? I assume when you install the MAME bezels, you are selecting native MAME in the options (see pic below)?


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