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Same roms in multiple platforms?

Youin Anotherform

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Is there a way to add a rom (or more) to more than one platform? For instance, I want to add games from Neo Geo to both the AES and MVS platforms, so I can play the console and arcade versions with a single click (instead of having to go to the options to change which BIOS is read from, or choosing a different core before playing). Is there a way to do this? I tried importing the same roms, but when i go to Import/ROM Files, then I go to add folder or add file, then it gets to the last step "Ready to Import" it shows 0 files (presumably because Launchbox acknowledges those roms already exist within it). So is there a way to bypass this? I figured out one way, I made shortcuts of the files, and was able to import them and (surprisingly) successfully play them, but I'd rather not have unnecessary extra files. Plus, doing it this way, it doesn't import any metadata. So I'd have to manually rename every file, then search for the metadata. Thanks in advance. 

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@Lordmonkus That was my understanding, but after testing that doesn't appear to be the case (LB bug perhaps?). Importing a duplicate file already on another platform won't work unless that option is checked. The video below shows trying to import NBA Jam.zip, where the same file exists on another console but not the console being imported to.

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