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LaunchBox scraping randomly within a category


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I did a new 2nd Amiga category and what I noticed is that LB is scraping a bit randomly, meaning that for some games it takes the C64 metadata, Amstrad, Acorn, and mostly Atari ST instead of just taking the Amiga media. So I have to edit the games and run the metadata search manually for loads of games, quite exhausting as adding the whole stuff is already time consuming.  

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1 hour ago, DeadVoivod said:

Any idea why that happens?

Did you double check from that second Amiga platform settings that you have the correct "Scrape As" selected? And you didn't manually just copy over the images etc. when you added that second Amiga Category?

I also have a few other platforms for Amiga (coverdisks - using the database, scene demos/intro/cracktros - that one is just manual work, no scraping from database except videos from Emumovies). And for C64 I have the C64 and C64GS as a separate platform using the same C64 scraping for only cartridge based games there were (mostly) compatible with the infamous C64GS. So there's normally no issues having multiple ones from the same platform.


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I noticed now that the "scrape as" is not checked at all, thus no Commodore Amiga. That's probably the problem. Why didn't I notice ?

So will have to go through almost 75% of the games again, as I added already many, but only noticed some days ago that the games didn't scrape necessarily as Amiga games, doh! 

I did a second Amiga category just for ADF games, the other one is WHDLoad. 

Thanks for your reply, my mistake, but sometimes you need also help for the most obvious stuff. I feel like calling TV support only to find out that the TV is not plugged in ?

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