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Old retroarch android cores?


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Hi, bit of a long shot this but does anybody have old cores for android retroarch?  Specifically vice64sc? 

 I was using savestates to by pass any trainers and loading but after updating g the core most of these no longer work? 

   I use android retroarch on my phone, my launchbox pc build is still working fine (haven't updated core) but unfortunately the windows cores won't transfer to android.


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38 minutes ago, JamesBond@ge said:

I can't help unfortunately. But just wanted to say that this is one thing that sucks about RetroArch. We're encouraged to update the cores, and then Save States get broken. *shakes head*

When are you encouraged? its entirely up to you when you update, there is no auto updater or anything like that, so the only time you update is when YOU specifically trigger a core update.

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